Sen. Kelly Votes to Pass Postal Service Reform to Guarantee Six Day Delivery

Today, Arizona Senator Mark Kelly voted to pass the Postal Service Reform Act, bipartisan legislation that would modernize the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), guarantee six-day mail delivery, improve transparency, and save nearly $50 billion in the next decade. 

“Arizonans in every corner of the state rely on the Postal Service to get their medications, paychecks, ballots and other essentials,” said Kelly. “This bill gives the Postal Service a much-needed boost, so that Arizonans – especially those living in rural and tribal communities – can continue to expect mail delivery six days per week and have the peace of mind that their mail will arrive on time.”

The Postal Service Reform Act implements a service-performance transparency tool, which would require USPS to create an online dashboard with data on national- and local-level service to track delivery times. It also mandates at least six days of service per week and promotes local news by expanding special rates for local newspaper distribution.  

For more information on the Postal Service Reform Act, click HERE.