Lowering Costs for Arizona Families

Supply chain issues are driving up the price of nearly everything in Arizona from groceries to a gallon of gas. Fixing these supply chain bottlenecks must be Washington’s number one priority so we can get costs down, create good-paying jobs, and put our economy back on track. 

Senator Kelly is leading efforts to lower high gas prices by strengthening our nation’s energy independence and eliminating the federal gas tax through the end of the year. He led the passage of a bipartisan plan to boost domestic microchip production, which will create high-paying Arizona jobs in addition to bringing down costs. Rising food prices are an issue he’s taken on by successfully pushing the administration to address anti-competitive practices in the meatpacking industry. He also helped negotiate a landmark deal that would lower prescription drug prices for seniors. 

Senator Kelly will remain laser-focused on bringing down the high costs that are hitting Arizona families hard. 

Building a 21st Century Economy in Arizona

We not only need to rebuild our economy, but also reinvent it for the 21st century. That starts with upgrading Arizona’s infrastructure and expanding job training for Arizonans, including those who won’t get a four year degree.

Senator Kelly helped shape and pass the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law that is already upgrading Arizona’s roads and bridges, modernizing our ports of entry, improving our water infrastructure, and delivering much-needed high-speed internet access to our rural and tribal communities. This bill is bringing high-paying jobs to Arizona and ensuring that it remains the best place to live, work, start a business, and raise a family.

Preparing Arizonans with the skills needed to fill the jobs of the future, like those created by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, is an important priority for Senator Kelly. He has been working to build new job training centers in Arizona, strengthen apprenticeship and job training programs, as well as investing in microchip manufacturing and our state’s growing tech and defense sectors.

Securing Arizona’s Water Future

As our state continues growing amidst a historic drought, it’s critical that we have the water supply to keep up. Senator Kelly has been a leader on addressing western drought conditions and securing a sustainable water future for our state.

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law he helped write includes major upgrades for western water systems, making them more water-efficient. After the first-ever drought restrictions were issued on the Colorado River, Senator Kelly chaired a Senate hearing to bring attention to western drought conditions and discuss solutions, including the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. His leadership is not only upgrading our dams, canals, and reservoirs, but also improving water management and conservation strategies for decades to come. 

Senator Kelly will keep working to make sure the federal government does its part to strengthen Arizona’s drought resiliency. If we follow the science and facts, we can overcome this challenge.

Cleaning Up Washington

Senator Kelly believes that Washington needs to be more transparent and accountable to the people of Arizona. 

Banning members of Congress from trading stocks is a necessary step to take on corrupt insider trading and ensure those in Washington are working for the people, not their own stock portfolios. Senator Kelly is leading the charge on this to ensure members of Congress cannot use inside information to make a profit. 

He also demonstrates his commitment to transparency by publicly posting his official schedule online so all Arizonans can see who he’s meeting with and how he’s working for our state. He’s one of the few members to make his schedule public, and now he’s pushing to make all members of Congress follow his lead.

Senator Kelly also introduced the Ban Corporate PACs Act to reduce corporate influence in Washington by prohibiting for-profit corporations from influencing political campaigns and federal elections.

Arizonans can trust that Senator Kelly is working to tackle the issues that matter most to them, not corporate special interests. 

Securing Arizona’s Border and Fixing Our Broken Immigration System

Arizonans know all too well what it means to see Washington fail on border security and immigration. 

Senator Kelly has seen these challenges firsthand in his numerous visits to the Arizona-Mexico border and in meetings with Border Patrol, mayors, local law enforcement, and Arizonans who live and work on the border. He’s introduced bipartisan legislation to require the federal government to develop a coordinated response that ensures a safe, orderly, and humane process at the border. Senator Kelly will continue to push the administration to provide better communication and more resources to secure our border. 

Addressing this challenge must include investments in advanced technology and staffing at the border, upgrading ports of entry, more immigration judges, fencing and barriers where they make sense, and modernizing our legal immigration system to set up Arizona’s economy for success and keep families together. This includes protecting Dreamers who were brought to this country as young children and are just as American as Senator Kelly’s two daughters. They deserve a pathway to become American citizens so they can continue to contribute to our communities. 

We also need to provide an earned pathway to citizenship that would require individuals to pay a fee and pass a background check for those who have lived and worked in our communities for years. This is a priority for Arizona and Senator Kelly will continue working with Republicans and Democrats, as well as the administration, to improve border security and fix our immigration system in a way that is true to our values and supports Arizona’s community and economy.