Appropriations Requests

Congressionally Directed Spending Requests – FY 2023

In accordance with newly enacted guidance from the Senate Appropriations Committee, Senator Mark Kelly is making publicly available the list of congressionally directed spending requests he submitted for the fiscal year 2023 (FY23) appropriations process. Starting in FY 2022, Senators may request Congressionally Directed Spending for specific projects in their state. Congressionally Directed Spending has a limited scope with combined earmarks capped at 1% of all discretionary spending and eligible accounts restricted to those listed below. These disclosures are being released in accordance with the deadlines set forth by the Committee.

Congressionally Directed Spending Requests — FY 2022

Note: The following bills were not open to congressionally directed spending requests.

  • Defense
  • Legislative Branch
  • State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs