Flag Requests

Senator Kelly can help Arizonans purchase a flag flown over the U.S. Capitol.

If you’d like to request a flag, please complete the form below.

Your flag(s) can be flown for a specific purpose (wedding, anniversary, etc.) and on a specific date. Purchasing a flag with a fly date will be accompanied with a custom certificate and a certificate of authenticity from the Architect of the Capitol. To purchase a flag with a fly date, select your desired flag material and size under “Type,” and be sure that “pre-flown” is not included in your selection.

You may also purchase a flag that is pre-flown, meaning that there is no specific fly date. Keep in mind that this type of flag comes with the certificate of authenticity from the Architect of the Capitol but a custom certificate is not included in the purchase.

If paying with a credit or debit card, your order must be processed through a U.S. Department of Treasury form.

If paying with a check or money order, please call our Washington office at 202-224-2235 for assistance. For questions, please email flags@kelly.senate.gov or call (202) 224-2235.