Kelly, Sinema Announce Over $166K Investment in San Carlos Apache Tribe’s Environmental Response from Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

Infrastructure Investment and Jobs law led by Sinema and shaped by Kelly provides $166,062 to assist the San Carlos Apache Tribe in remediating contaminated “brownfield” sites that threaten environmental and public health

$166,062 will be invested to help assist the San Carlos Apache Tribe’s environmental response to contaminated “brownfield” sites in the community from the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs law led by Senator Kyrsten Sinema and shaped by Senator Mark Kelly.

The investment, disbursed through the Environmental Protection Agency, empowers the Tribe with resources to remediate “brownfield” sites — abandoned or underutilized areas where there is environmental contamination — to protect and promote public health and the environment.

“This investment will not only help us clean up contaminated land and protect the health of tribal members, it will also create development opportunities for economic growth. This is just another way in which our bipartisan infrastructure law is delivering for Arizonans,” said Kelly.

“Today’s investment ensures the San Carlos Apache Tribe has the resources necessary to clean up brownfield sites that stifle our environment, public health, and economic growth. I’m proud of how our bipartisan infrastructure law is making a real difference for Arizonans in every corner of our state,” said Sinema, co-author and lead negotiator of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs law.

According to the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, properties must possess three qualities to be considered brownfields: 1.) It is an underused commercial or industrial site; 2.) It has redevelopment potential; 3.) Its redevelopment potential is complicated by known or perceived contamination from a hazardous substance as defined by the Environmental Protection Agency’s Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA). 

The funds Kelly and Sinema secured in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs law provide the financial means for the San Carlos Apache Tribe to conduct a timely survey and inventory of brownfield sites, ensure the response actions protect human health and the environment, provide meaningful public involvement, mechanisms for cleanup plans, and verification of complete responses. Complete responses to brownfield sites allow for the construction of schools, hospitals, recreation centers, and more.

Sinema led bipartisan Senate negotiations with Republican Senator Rob Portman of Ohio that included Senator Kelly and senators from both parties.

The bipartisan infrastructure law was supported by groups including The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Business Roundtable, The National Association of Manufacturers, The AFL-CIO, The National Retail Federation, The Bipartisan Policy Center, North America’s Building Trades Unions, the Outdoor Industry Association, The American Hotel and Lodging Association, The National Education Association, as well as hundreds of mayors across all 50 states.