Thanks to Sen. Kelly’s CHIPS Law, Arizonans Will See More Microchip Manufacturing Jobs, Innovation

As a chief negotiator, Kelly played a key role in pushing this historic legislation across the finish line

For over a year, Arizona Senator Mark Kelly worked closely with Republicans and Democrats in Congress to successfully pass his CHIPS Act of 2022 into law. Thanks to Kelly’s work, the CHIPS law will create tens of thousands of high-paying jobs in Arizona, fix supply chains, lower costs, strengthen our national security, and ensure the United States leads the world in the research and development of microchips. 

As a chief negotiator of the CHIPS law, Kelly also worked closely with industry leaders and colleges and universities to secure provisions that grow our science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) workforce, protect American innovation, and strengthen America’s competitive edge over adversaries like China. Kelly’s CHIPS law will:

Boost U.S. Leadership in Microchip Manufacturing: As a result of Kelly’s year-long push to address the global microchip shortage, Kelly’s CHIPS law includes $39 billion for the CHIPS for America Fund which provides grants and loans for microchip manufacturers and suppliers to open manufacturing facilities in the United States. Companies can only receive assistance if they will build or expand manufacturing facilities in the U.S., partner with local high schools, community colleges, and universities to support workforce development opportunities, and not make investments in leading-edge capabilities with foreign adversaries. The bill also includes Kelly’s FABS Act, which creates a new tax credit that supercharges investments in microchip manufacturing in Arizona and across the country.

Invest in Arizona Workers: Kelly is the product of public education and understands the value it can provide to help students get the skills they need for great-paying jobs. Kelly secured $200 million in the CHIPS law for job training programs, which can get Arizonans the skills needed to fill the high-paying microchip manufacturing jobs created, many of which will not require a four-year degree.

Grow the STEM Workforce: Kelly’s CHIPS law includes $13 billion for STEM education programs at the National Science Foundation, including scholarships, fellowships, and traineeships to help train the next generation of students in fast-growing STEM fields. This also includes Kelly’s bipartisan Strengthening STEM Ecosystems Act, which provides dedicated funding for community-based STEM ecosystems that bring business, education, and community organizations together to help students pursue STEM careers, including STEM jobs that do not require a four-year degree. 

Fix Broken Supply ChainsKelly secured provisions that will address supply chain bottlenecks and lower costs for Arizonans by establishing a National Supply Chain Database to assist small businesses and manufacturers in finding suppliers and contractors. Kelly also worked to establish a Foundation for Energy Security and Innovation within the Department of Energy which will engage the private sector to raise funds that support the creation and development of new technologies to address energy challenges, including rising costs for fuel and electricity.

Protect American Innovation: The investments in Kelly’s CHIPS law are not a blank check. Kelly ensured strict provisions that prevent companies from using taxpayer dollars for investments in microchip manufacturing overseas. This will protect American jobs, innovation, and our national security interests. 

Support Science, Research, and Space Exploration: Kelly’s CHIPS law ensures the United States can maintain its leadership on the International Space Station by directing NASA to fund key scientific research, led by Arizona universities, including for Artemis exploration missions and investments in additional STEM programming.

For a full summary of Kelly’s CHIPS Act, click HERE.