Senator Kelly Announces $17 Million+ Back in the Pockets of Arizonans   

Today, Arizona Senator Mark Kelly announced that his constituent services team has returned more than $17,000,000 to the people of Arizona. Since he was sworn into office in December of 2020, Senator Kelly’s constituent services staff have closed more than 6,000 constituent cases and returned more than $17 million to Arizona taxpayers by cutting through red tape and getting them the benefits or payments they were owed by the federal government. 

“Serving Arizonans in the U.S. Senate is especially rewarding when my team and I help constituents cut through Washington’s bureaucracy to get what they are owed, whether it is a late Social Security payment or veterans’ benefits. As we celebrate this milestone of $17 million returned to Arizonans and look ahead to many more cases resolved, I encourage folks to reach out to my office should they need any help navigating federal agencies,” said Senator Kelly.

Kelly’s staff has successfully helped several struggling small businesses access Economic Injury Disaster loans (EIDL), expedited returns owed from the Internal Revenue Service, and secured backlogged benefits from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and the U.S. Social Security Administration.  

Read testimonials from grateful constituents below:

“I recently had the opportunity to reach out to Senator Mark Kelly regarding a situation with the VA where I was being denied continuing community care. Being unable to make any headway with the VA directly, I contacted Senator Kelly’s office for assistance. I am a 5-time cancer survivor and have had ongoing care at MD Anderson in Gilbert, where the VA initially referred me. They were now telling me that I could not continue my care. For me this was not an option as continuity of care is critical to me due to my complicated history. Senator Kelly’s office was most helpful in resolving this issue within days and I am again seeing my Oncologist for ongoing care.”  Stanley Gaberlavage, Buckeye, AZ

“In August 2021, I was advised by Medicare that I owed in excess of $7,000 for nonpayment of monthly bills. My Medicare premiums are paid directly from my Social Security benefit. I was unable to resolve the situation after talking to Medicare and Social Security representatives. I was in danger of losing my Medicare coverage due to nonpayment. I contacted Senator Kelly’s office to request assistance in resolving this issue. In a very short period, the issue with Social Security had been resolved. I am very grateful to Senator Kelly and his staff for their assistance with my problem. Senator Kelly is the perfect example of how an elected official serves his constituents. Thanks again!” – Jerry Callison, Sun Lakes, AZ

Constituent Services Information: 

Kelly’s staff can assist constituents with a range of other federal issues involving veterans and active duty military, Social Security, Medicare, the Small Business Administration, Internal Revenue Service cases, immigration, passports, and others.  

Arizonans who need more information can visit Kelly’s website