PHOTO: Sen. Kelly Touts Funding for Public Safety in Pinal County with Law Enforcement, Local Officials

Kelly secured $187,000 for Pinal County Operations Center in this year’s federal funding bill

Today, Arizona Senator Mark Kelly visited the Pinal County Emergency Operations Center which will receive $187,000 from this year’s government funding bill. The Kelly-secured funding will support technology upgrades at the Emergency Operations Center, which will enhance operational coordination, communication, and public safety efforts throughout the county.

During his visit, Kelly toured the facility and met with the county’s emergency management team and local officials to discuss how the funding will support public safety and law enforcement. Kelly was joined by the Chairman of the Pinal County Board of Supervisors Jeffrey McClure, Pinal County Emergency Manager Chuck Kmet, Pinal County Attorney Kent Volkmer, and Frank Alanis, Vice President of the Pinal County Law Enforcement Association.

Sen. Kelly shakes hands with Frank Alanis, Vice President of the Pinal County Law Enforcement Association

Kelly, a former EMT and the son of two police officers, has continued to work in the Senate to deliver the federal funding and resources first responders and law enforcement need to keep Arizonans safe. Earlier this year, Kelly helped secure over $4.4 million in this year’s government funding bill for police departments and public safety efforts in cities and towns across Arizona.