OP-ED: Sen. Kelly Pens Column Touting His Microchip Manufacturing Bill

Kelly’s landmark legislation will soon be signed into law 

Arizona Senator Mark Kelly penned an opinion column in the Arizona Republic touting his CHIPS Act of 2022, a bipartisan microchip manufacturing bill that will soon be signed into law after Republicans and Democratspassed it in the House and Senate. In the op-ed, Kelly, a chief negotiator of the bipartisan bill, highlights how his legislation will create tens of thousands of high-paying jobs in Arizona, fix supply chains, lower costs, strengthen our national security, and reinvigorate U.S. efforts to lead the world in research, development, and innovation. 

For over a year, Kelly championed the three pieces of legislation that form the backbone of the legislation– helping to craft the bill’s $52 billion plan to boost domestic microchip manufacturing, originally cosponsoring the U.S. Innovation and Competition Act, and leading the FABS Act. This legislation will help establish Arizona as a global hub for microelectronics research, development, testing, manufacturing, and packaging.  

Read key excerpts from Kelly’s op-ed in the Arizona Republic:

On how his bill creates greater economic opportunities for Arizonans

[…] Arizona is an emerging microchip hub that is poised to rapidly expand because of our CHIPS Act funding.

This is going to create jobs not just with companies like Intel and TSMC, but also with the network of companies that support them. And many of these jobs don’t require a four-year degree.

At Estrella Mountain Community College’s West-MEC campus, I saw their Semiconductor Technician Quick Start program, which through a partnership with TSMC and Intel is getting Arizonans the skills they need to join this industry in just a 10-day course. This will prepare Arizonans for great-paying careers without going into debt to get a degree.  […]

On boosting U.S. leadership in semiconductor manufacturing 

[…] For the past year and a half, I have worked with Republicans and Democrats on a $52 billion plan to fund the CHIPS Act, which will boost American microchip manufacturing to bring our supply chains back to America. And it’s about to be signed into law. For Arizona, this means lower costs on products, a reduced reliance on foreign countries, and a rapidly growing industry that will create thousands of good-paying jobs in our state.

Microchips were invented in America, and we used to manufacture about 40% of them. Today, that number is closer to 12%. Our primary sources of microchips are oceans away, subject to disruptions or even intervention by adversaries like China. We have recently seen a global microchip shortage halt production lines and drive up wait times and prices for everything from medical devices to cars. Without a manufacturing base in America, we are left vulnerable to these kinds of disruptions. […]

On his bipartisan approach to delivering results

[…] Getting things done in Washington isn’t easy. But in the Navy and at NASA I learned how to bring people together behind a common goal. I worked for more than a year with Republicans and Democrats in Washington, as well as elected officials and business leaders in Arizona, to get this passed.

The result is a law that will create thousands of jobs in our state and reduce our reliance on foreign countries for the components that are critical to our economy and national security. That means a strengthened supply chain and lower costs for Arizonans.

In a decade, the foundation I saw in north Phoenix will be a hub for the most advanced microchips in the world. And that’s just the beginning. […]

Read Kelly’s full op-ed HERE