Kelly to Biden: “Arizonans need relief” from Rising Gas Prices

Today, Arizona Senator Mark Kelly urged the Biden administration to explain its plans to tackle the rising cost of gas prices impacting Arizonans and businesses. This letter follows Kelly’s questions about rising gas prices during a hearing yesterday on the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources where he asked Stephen Nalley, the Acting Administrator of the U.S. Energy Information Administration, for answers regarding rising gasoline prices facing Arizonans. 

In his letter, Kelly stressed that the Biden administration must also demonstrate that it is working with state and regional regulators to monitor and investigate any potential cases of price gouging and market manipulation. 

“Arizonans have been squeezed by elevated gas prices for much of 2021. Our state is currently ranked by the American Automobile Association (AAA) as one of the most expensive markets in gas prices. The pain felt at the pump is an economic hardship for those who commute to work and drive their children to school on a daily basis,” Kelly wrote in the letter to Biden. 

“…Arizona needs a clear explanation on what the administration is doing domestically to address gasoline prices in our state right now. This includes considering increasing domestic oil and gas production, safeguarding our energy infrastructure from disruptions in the supply chain, preventing cyber-attacks on refineries and pipelines, and preparing for and mitigating the effects of extreme weather events…,” Kelly continued in the letter. 

In the Senate, Kelly has remained focused on ensuring Arizona’s economic recovery by supporting legislation that reduces costs for Arizonans and that addresses the global supply chain crisis. 

Read Kelly’s letter to Biden HERE.