Kelly Statement on Shooting in Uvalde, Texas

Arizona Senator Mark Kelly released the following statement regarding the deadly school shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

“Gabby and I are heartbroken for these families who just had their lives forever devastated by gun violence. I know how helpless a person can feel when their family is impacted in this way. I know that every parent whose kid came home from school today in Texas, Arizona, and in every community across the country is hugging them a little tighter. 

“It infuriates me that Americans have come to expect that their federal government will once again react to the murder of schoolchildren by doing nothing. Politicians in Washington spend countless hours fighting about nothing, but when it comes time to act on an issue that is unique to the United States and demands a response, they find a million reasons not to. 

“There are commonsense reforms we can pass to reduce gun violence that align with our rights and traditions and are supported by Americans across the political spectrum. The best thing Washington can do right now is take these steps to make our communities safer. After witnessing yet another tragedy, Arizonans are right to expect action from Washington, they should demand it, I know I will.”