Kelly, Sinema Deliver Nearly $126 Million for Arizona Priorities & Projects

Senators announce major federal investments for counties, cities, and towns

Arizona Senators Mark Kelly and Kyrsten Sinema announced that they secured $125,887,493 in federal investments for Arizona priorities and projects that support local law enforcement, flood control efforts, western rural water, “forever chemicals” removal, military installations, transportation, and more. These were passed as part of the first annual government funding bill for FY24. 

These federal investments for Arizona will support projects at the county, city, and local levels that enhance the safety, security, and health of Arizona communities.  

“After months of work with mayors, law enforcement, and community leaders, I’m proud to announce these important investments in communities across Arizona,” said Kelly. “From upgrading roads and water infrastructure to giving law enforcement and firefighters the tools they need to keep communities safe, these investments will make sure we remain the best state to live, work, and raise a family.”  

“I’m proud to bring these federal investments to Arizona – supporting projects and priorities for our counties, cities, and towns for safer and healthier communities,” said Sinema, a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Click here to see the complete list of federal investments secured by Sinema and Kelly. 

See what Arizona mayors are saying about the funding Kelly and Sinema secured: 

“I want to thank Senators Kelly and Sinema for securing critical funding for projects that will help us tackle housing challenges and expand workforce initiatives,” Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego said. “The new funding for Innovation 27 will enable us to support more Phoenicians eager to train for and land a high-wage career, while our hotel conversion project will provide seniors ending their homelessness with a safe, comfortable place to call home. These projects will provide residents of all ages and backgrounds with a brighter future in our growing community, and I commend our Congressional leaders for their advocacy to get us there.” 

“We are grateful for Senators Kelly and Sinema’s funding support of two important water infrastructure projects in Mesa,” said Mesa Mayor John Giles. “The Desert Wells Project improves access to water in southeast Mesa and increases the city’s resiliency in times of water shortage. Utilizing the latest in water infrastructure technology, the Smart Metering program gives utility customers greater stewardship over their water use, quickly identifies high usage, and helps families and businesses save money.  Senators Kelly and Sinema’s leadership and dedication to water issues in Arizona has helped Mesa continue to thrive and meet growing demands.” 

“Thank you to Senator Kyrsten Sinema and Senator Mark Kelly for prioritizing Tucson once again. The federal investments they secured to help us increase our accessible housing units and to keep our water supply safe and secure is appreciated,” said Tucson Mayor Regina Romero. “The City of Tucson is dedicated to working with our residents and layering federal dollars to make sure Tucson is a safe, resilient, thriving city. The support of our senators is key.”

“We extend our deepest thanks to Senator Kelly and Senator Sinema for their crucial roles in securing funding for the Douglas Downtown Revitalization Streetscape Project,” said Douglas Mayor Donald Huish. “Senator Kelly’s and Senator Sinema’s dedication to fostering economic growth through historic preservation is perfectly aligned with our downtown revitalization efforts, which aim to honor our heritage while moving forward.  Senator Kelly’s and Senator Sinema’s dedication to enhancing our infrastructure and fostering community development is key to transforming downtown Douglas into a more vibrant and accessible area. Their dedication to creating opportunities that promote small and minority business development stands as a testament to their vision for a sustainable and inclusive economic future for Douglas. The lasting positive impact of their efforts on our city’s future and the quality of life for our residents will be felt for generations.” 

“The beautification and redevelopment of Somerton’s downtown area will not only improve the aesthetic appeal of our city but also contribute to its economic vitality, making it an even more attractive destination for families, businesses, and events. We are confident that this investment will have a lasting and positive impact on the future of Somerton, solidifying its reputation as the Best Little City for all who call it home,” said Somerton Mayor Gerardo “Jerry” Anaya.  

“The Eagar Fiber Expansion project will provide much needed access and connectivity to the residents of Eagar. We have been pursuing this project and the funding thereof for some time now. Our thanks go out to all those who, like us, saw the need for this project and helped significantly in securing the funding for it,” said Eagar Mayor Mayor Steve Erhart. 

“I am very pleased to learn of the $3,000,000 of congressionally directed spending for the Prescott Regional Airport. These funds will assist the City in acquiring land around the airport to protect from encroachment, to help ensure safe and effective commercial and private airport services for years to come. Prescott Regional Airport is an important economic driver for Prescott and a critical asset for all of Yavapai County and surrounding areas.  On behalf of the City of Prescott, I would like to thank Senators Mark Kelly and Kyrsten Sinema for their leadership, and for guiding this significant funding through Congress,” said Prescott Mayor Phil Goode.  

“On behalf of the city, I would like to thank Senators Kelly and Sinema and Congressman Ciscomani for their bipartisan support in securing federal funding for the Buffalo Soldier Trail Reconstruction project,” said Sierra Vista Mayor Clea McCaa. “The project cost is equivalent to six years of the City’s streets maintenance budget, and this funding ensures we can continue to maintain our streets while fixing a critical thoroughfare that serves residents, business owners, and the soldiers on Fort Huachuca.” 

“This is a critical connection point for Sahuarita and Green Valley to the Continental School District, United Community Health Center, and Green Valley Fire District. Access to these critical services can’t be overstated, particularly during monsoon season and in critical situations when every second counts,” said Sahuarita Mayor Tom Murphy.  

“Addressing the urgent need for safety and traffic flow improvements at the Ash Avenue and Florence Street intersection is imperative given the increased manufacturing opportunities in Casa Grande. The curved roadway presents unique challenges, requiring a strategic solution – hence the crucial step forward with the installation of a roundabout. The acquisition of funding for this project empowers us to implement a comprehensive traffic calming measure, compelling drivers to reduce speed and significantly enhancing overall safety. Senators Kelly and Sinema’s support contributes to our community’s safety, economic prosperity, and well-being,” said Casa Grande Mayor Craig McFarland. 

“We are extremely grateful to Senator Kelly, Senator Sinema, and Congressman Gallego for advocating for this funding which will have very real and positive impacts for Goodyear, one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation,” said Goodyear Mayor Joe Pizzillo. “Having the latest technology will allow us to address the significant amount of strain on our roadways with rapidly increasing traffic volumes. This kind of traffic did not exist five years ago. The much-needed funding is a critical start to improving mobility and safety throughout Goodyear.” 

“Glendale remains focused on managing a sustainable water supply that includes multiple, reliable, sources of water,” said Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers. “We thank our Senators for their support in advocating for federal funds that will restore a groundwater well and treatment system project in Glendale.” 

“The Town purchased the water company in 2022 and continues to prioritize investment in key infrastructure to serve our residents and businesses. We appreciate Senators Kelly and Sinema supporting this $2,000,000 grant for an arsenic removal system to ensure a safer water supply for our community,” said Camp Verde Mayor Dee Jenkins.  

“We are very thankful to Senators Kelly and Sinema for their thoughtful leadership in the Senate,” said Clarkdale Mayor Robyn Prud’homme-Bauer. “The funding that they were able to secure for us for a new well is critical to our community.” 

“We’d like to thank Senators Kelly and Sinema and their staffs for championing this project on behalf of Prescott Valley.  Water is a priceless commodity in Arizona, and this funding will go a long way to ensure our effluent water is treated to a high standard and to help the Town recharge its aquifer.”  said Prescott Valley Mayor Kell Palguta. 

“This is a big step for our community as it is growing at an accelerated rate. We need to adequately address the stormwater drainage issues so that we can provide safety for our children in the community. This CDS funding will help begin the process to create safe stormwater crossings so our pedestrians and vehicles may cross these waterways in a safe manner,” said Colorado City Mayor Howard Ream. “We are grateful to the House and the Senate for all of the work that has been done to get this moving forward. We really appreciate Senator Kelly and Sinema’s offices and those who’ve been present with boots on the ground to help us address these important needs in our community.” 

“We are deeply grateful to Senator Kelly and Senator Sinema for their pivotal role in securing funding to preserve the El Paso and Southwestern Railroad Passenger Depot,” said Douglas Mayor Donald Huish. “Their efforts to protect our historical sites while providing for the future needs of the Douglas Police Department Headquarters exemplify their commitment to both our heritage and our community’s safety.” 

“The Town of Huachuca City really is thankful for the support from both Senator Sinema’s and Senator Kelly’s offices in pushing through our request for funding. Living in the desert southwest where wildfires are an annual concern, it is imperative that we have the tools necessary to not only fight, but more importantly prevent, wildfires. The funding we have been allocated directly address these two concerns through the purchase of a new Class 6 engine for initial attack and brushfire responses, while the brush hog itself will be an invaluable preventative tool to clear roadways and shoulders where a majority of roadway fires typically begin,” said Huachuca City Mayor Johann R. Wallace. 

“The Town of Florence and Florence Police Department express sincere gratitude to Senators Mark Kelly and Kyrsten Sinema and their teams for acknowledging the crucial need to maintain the safety and security of our communities. Senator Kelly and his office have demonstrated unwavering dedication to public safety and recognize the vital importance of interoperability among law enforcement agencies. These recommended funds will be utilized to procure new broadcasting and public safety equipment, enabling the Florence Police Department to communicate effectively with other state law enforcement entities and bolster border security operations. The Town of Florence values Senator Kelly and Sinema’s leadership and his team’s support of rural law enforcement agencies, understanding the substantial impact these funds will have on ensuring the safety of our community and its residents,” said Florence Mayor Tara Walter. 

 “We are grateful to U.S. Senators Mark Kelly and Kyrsten Sinema for championing a congressionally directed spending request on behalf of the Police Department,” said Queen Creek Mayor Julia Wheatley.  “As a newer Department, the funding will allow QCPD to purchase additional vehicles and resources that will benefit the Town and our region including, a Mobile Command Center, rapid response vehicle, vehicle barriers and ballistic equipment.”  

“The significance of the Winslow Water Tank Replacement project is a wonderful and positive step forward to advance the overall safety, economic growth, and expansion for the Winslow Community. The impact of the additional water storage not only increases our opportunities for development, more importantly, it provides potable water security to meet the needs of our community members. We can ensure that with this project, our community members can rely on this precious and necessary resource. We are extremely grateful for Senator Kelly and Sinema’s steadfast support and leadership on obtaining funding for this crucial project,” said Winslow Mayor Roberta W. Cano. 

“Gilbert is grateful for Senators Mark Kelly and Kyrsten Sinema’s support of the Crossroads Stormwater Pump Station Rehabilitation Project through the Congressional Direct Spending process.  This project directly impacts east valley residents’ quality of life while also enhancing and protecting our business community. This vital infrastructure project will prevent flooding and property damages across key regional sectors of transportation, recreation, and commerce opportunities which includes the Loop 202 Freeway, the SanTan Village shopping mall, Union Pacific Railroad and Crossroads Park,” said Gilbert Mayor Brigette Peterson. “The Crossroads Pump Station will reduce weather impacts on our residents’ commute by alleviating flooding along our regional thoroughfares. This project will enhance recreational opportunities by allowing residents to enjoy lake activities at Crossroads Park and it will protect jobs and businesses from financial losses that often come with adverse weather conditions. This project will have a lasting impact on the lives of valley residents for many years to come and we’re forever grateful for Senator Kelly and Sinema’s support of projects like this.” 

See what Arizona law enforcement and fire departments are saying about the funding Kelly and Sinema secured: 

“On behalf of the men and women of the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office and all our law enforcement partners, I want to extend my public safety appreciation to Senator Kelly and his staff for this community-safety funding.  When elected officials work collectively, the true winners are the citizens,” said Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels. 

“This funding is a game changer in reducing wildfire risk!  The White Mountains know wildfire. The June 2002 Rodeo Chediski Wildfire demonstrated how revenging wildfire is and the risk to the communities of Pinetop-Lakeside, Show Low, and surrounding areas,” said Pinetop Fire District Chief Jim Morgan. “Senators Kelly and Sinema’s unwavering commitment to addressing wildfire issues, worked to secure funding for a wildfire response station for the Pinetop Fire District. The Pinetop Wildland Fire Response station will ensure that wildfire mitigation work and rapid wildfire response will give our White Mountain communities a fighting chance when the next wildfire rears its ugly head.” 

“The support provided by Senators Kelly and Sinema will dramatically improve the safety of residents and firefighters in southeast Arizona for years to come.  The new firetruck will enable us to better fight brush fires and the brush hog will reduce fire risks by removing vegetation, the primary fuel source for brush fires,” said Huachuca City Fire Chief Mark H. Savage. “We sincerely thank the Senators for their support and look forward to sharing the benefits of improved safety for firefighters and residents with our community, our mutual aid partners, and beyond.” 

“I am extremely grateful and humbled with the funding approved today by Congress. This will assist the Pima County Sheriff’s Department with these two much-needed projects. I would like to personally thank Senator Mark Kelly, Senator Kyrsten Sinema, and their staff for their collaboration and commitment to the safety of the residents of Pima County,” said Pima County Sheriff Chris Nanos. 

“I’m grateful to Senator Kelly and Senator Sinema for their work to secure funding for the Bisbee Police Department in this year’s appropriations bill. With these resources, we’ll be able to purchase three new patrol vehicles, upgrading several vehicles from the Department’s aging fleet. This funding is vital to the Bisbee Police Department’s continued ability to patrol and keep our community safe,” said Bisbee Police Chief Timothy Cox. 

“I want to personally thank our Arizona Senator’s, Mark Kelly and Kyrsten Sinema for their dedication to the State of Arizona and the La Paz County Sheriff’s Office. We have been informed that funding for our Special Response Team Vehicle Project has been approved. La Paz County is a small and rural county in western Arizona, with a small tax base it is often difficult to fund capital projects. The La Paz County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to the safety and security of our employees, citizens, and visitors.  With this funding opportunity we will be able to purchase a special response vehicle that will assist our emergency response team during critical incidents and bring an asset to our region that is normally not available. As the Sheriff of La Paz County, I look forward to continuing to work with our Arizona Senate Delegation to serve the citizens of La Paz County and the Great State of Arizona,” said La Paz County Sheriff William Ponce. 

“The Navajo County Sheriff’s Office is grateful for their partnership with Senators Kelly and Sinema and their offices. This grant will aid in the Regional Interoperability Communications Project. The project is designed to bridge gaps and expand public safety communication throughout Navajo County. With the upgrades and expansions of vital communications, it will enable local, state, federal, and tribal law enforcement to communicate,” said Navajo County Sheriff, David M. Clouse. 

See what Arizona community leaders are saying about the funding Kelly and Sinema secured: 

“Senators Kelly and Sinema have again delivered on legislation that will have a direct positive impact for the state of Arizona and we are grateful for his leadership and eager to get to work on the ASU Center for Clean Energy Materials,” said Arizona State University President Michael Crow.  “Arizona has created an incredible clean energy supply chain industrial base and has the potential to be a national leader in providing the materials and technologies needed to accelerate America’s energy transition. Materials are the key components for manufacturing electronics, integrated circuits, batteries, solar cells, and electric vehicles – technologies that are not only part of our daily lives, but that also form part of the industrial base that is growing in Arizona and bolstering our state economy.” 

“The unwavering support of Senator Kelly and our federal partners to build a sustainable and more modern public transit system is vital to the future of all Phoenicians,” said Valley Metro CEO Jessica Mefford-Miller. “More nimble micro-mobility and the ‘greening’ of our fleet will make a difference in our quality of life and our ability to serve riders across the fastest growing region in the country.” 

“Pima Community College’s new Center of Excellence in Health Professions will address the critical healthcare workforce shortage in Arizona by combining cutting edge instructional spaces with high-tech labs with an additional 10,000 square feet of dedicated simulation and virtual reality educational equipment, making it unique in Southern Arizona,” said PCC’s Interim Chancellor Dolores Durán-Cerda. “We are incredibly grateful for the support and hard work of Senators Mark Kelly and Kyrsten Sinema on the College’s behalf, which will help the significant impact of the Center to now extend well beyond the College and our diverse community, to meet industry needs and align with economic development priorities of all of Southern Arizona.” 

“Funding this bridge repair project is an investment in public safety as well as quality of life, as this roadway serves as the backbone for the northern portion of our community. This particular bridge spans a portion of Honey Bee Canyon, a culturally significant area with beautiful hiking trails and ancient petroglyphs. The Town of Oro Valley is grateful for the efforts of Senator Kelly and Sinema’s offices during this lengthy but rewarding process,” said Oro Valley Town Manager Jeff Wilkins. 

“We are incredibly thankful for Senators Kelly and Sinema’s leadership in securing $3.6 million for the Ruby Road Bridge project that traverses the busy Union Pacific Railroad,” said Santa Cruz County Board Chair Manny Ruiz. “This bridge is incredibly important to public health and safety as it will provide necessary access in the event of a railroad emergency that could completely shut down access from one part of the County to the other, including important emergency health services.  We, again, commend Senators Kelly and Sinema for their leadership in securing funds for this critical infrastructure project.” 

“Senators Kelly and Sinema have been a valued partners for the Town of Duncan.  We are small and out of the way and it is easy to forget about us.  With his help we were able to gain funding for a needed project.  We will be able to upgrade our water system.  Thanks for looking out for the little guy,” said Duncan Town Manager Terry Hinton

“The Town of Prescott Valley is grateful and excited to receive this funding for our aquifer recharge project.  This money will allow us to remove PFAS compounds from our effluent before returning it to the aquifer and minimize the spread of PFAS.   This is a great thing to help protect the water quality and will also promote advancement of technologies for removing PFAS from wastewater,” said Neil Wadsworth, Prescott Valley Utilities Director. 

“Since 2022, post-wildfire flooding impacts from the Pipeline Fire have severely impacted the interstate travel corridor of Highway 89, the Navajo Nation road system, and surrounding communities. It is imperative that we continue to construct flood mitigation infrastructure in this area to reduce the threats to our community and regional economy” said Jeronimo Vasquez, Chair of the Coconino County Board and Supervisor for District 2.  “Thanks to the Congressionally Directed Spending funds recently secured by Senators Mark Kelly and Kyrsten Sinema, we now have more resources to make this much needed infrastructure a reality.”  

“For over 100 years, Lowell Observatory has connected citizens, scientists, and visitors of Northern Arizona to the stars. This world-class research facility is a central institution to Flagstaff’s culture, science, and history, yet Lowell Observatory remains at risk from catastrophic wildfire,” said Patrice Horstman, Coconino County District 1 Supervisor. “Through the Congressionally Directed Spending secured by Senators Mark Kelly and Kyrsten Sinema, we now have the means to reduce this risk by funding forest restoration on Observatory Mesa. Investments in forest restoration to protect Arizona’s treasures like Lowell Observatory, serve not only our community but serve our state and country and preserve these cherished institutions for centuries to come.” 

“As drought and growth continue to increase pressure on our water resources, projects like the NMIDD Treated Effluent Conveyance and Storage Project are critical to create opportunities for new usable water supply” said Shelton Van Allen, General Manager of New Magma Irrigation District in San Tan Valley. “We appreciate the support for this important project and Senators Kelly and Sinema’s leadership as the state works to improve our water security.” 

“The new water supply that this project will deliver is critical as we mitigate impacts from the loss of Colorado River water and move away from using the Santa Rosa Canal to convey groundwater” said Ron McEachern, General Manager of Central Arizona Irrigation and Drainage District (Eloy, AZ). “I appreciate Senators Kelly and Sinema, along with Congressman Ciscomani, for supporting this important project and for their continued leadership to improve water security for Arizona.” 

“Sincerest thanks to Senators Kelly and Sinema for supporting this appropriation in collaboration with Congressman Ciscomani to re-imagine Northern Cochise Community Hospital in Willcox. This funding will modernize our main entry areas, providing easier access for ambulances to reach the Emergency Department without risk of collision to infrastructure designed for much smaller emergency vehicles.  Additionally, the current patient and visitor access canopy is damaged from today’s high-profile vehicles which have, in the past, collided with the ceilings designed to accommodate vehicles commonly seen in the late 1960s,” said Mo Sheldon, chief executive officer, Northern Cochise Community Hospital. “This will be a meaningful improvement for our critical access hospital and the people we serve.” 

“On behalf of the Gila County Board of Supervisors and other partners in this project, I thank and applaud Arizona Senator Mark Kelly for his efforts to include the Pleasant Valley Veterans Retreat in this bill,” said Gila County Manager James Menlove. “Senator Kelly is a Navy combat veteran of 25 years’ service, and we are thankful that he has put a spotlight on this unique partnership of county, state, and federal governments working together on behalf of veterans. Gila County is committed to restoring and reopening this property, repurposing it to serve our nation’s veterans – so many of whom paid a steep price in defense of our nation and protection of our liberty.”