Kelly Applauds Amkor’s $2 Billion Investment in Arizona Semiconductor Industry

Today, Arizona Senator Mark Kelly—a chief negotiator of the CHIPS and Science Act—released the following statement after Amkor Technology announced its plans to invest $2 billion in a new advanced packaging facility in Peoria, Arizona:  

“Amkor’s $2 billion project—one of the largest microchip investments announced in Arizona since the passage of the CHIPS Act last year—will create good-paying jobs, strengthen our local economy, and help protect our national security,” said Kelly. “As one of the first advanced packaging facilities in the U.S., this is a huge step forward to reducing dependence on other countries in the microchip supply chain. When negotiating the CHIPS and Science Act, one of my top priorities was making sure companies like Amkor had the support needed to develop a resilient supply chain in places like Arizona that are leading the way in bringing microchip manufacturing back to America.” 


Amkor Technology, Inc. is the world’s largest US headquartered outsourced semiconductor assembly and test service provider and a strategic manufacturing partner for the world’s leading semiconductor companies. Advanced packaging is a critical phase of the semiconductor manufacturing process, which typically occurs overseas, even for microchips made in the United States. Amkor’s advanced packaging services support the communication, automotive and industrial, computing, and consumer industries, including smartphones, electric vehicles, data centers, artificial intelligence and wearables. Amkor will invest approximately $2 billion in a new advanced packaging and test facility in Peoria, which is expected to employ over 2,000 people.   

Expanding advanced packaging capacity is critical to strengthening the domestic semiconductor industry. Kelly’s landmark CHIPS and Science Act includes $39 billion in direct financial incentives for companies at every level of the semiconductor supply chain, including advanced packaging companies, to expand operations in the US. Since Kelly’s legislation was signed into law, companies including Intel and TSMC have announced plans to invest more than $60 billion in Arizona semiconductor facilities.