ICYMI: The New York Times Highlights Sen. Kelly’s Leadership on the CHIPS and Science Act, Setting Arizona up for Success

In case you missed it, today, the New York Times highlighted how Arizona is set to become a hub for microchip manufacturing because of Arizona Senator Mark Kelly’s work to negotiate and usher the bipartisan CHIPS and Science Act into law. Thanks to Kelly’s continued leadership to maximize the benefit for the state, the CHIPS law will create tens of thousands of Arizona jobs, lower costs, and boost our state’s growing semiconductor industry. 

Read key excerpts from the article below:

On Kelly’s leadership and role as a chief negotiator of the CHIPS law:

[…] Arizona pressed ahead with pushing Congress to create legislation for chip subsidies. In March 2021, Senator Kelly joined Senators John Cornyn, Republican of Texas, and Mark Warner, Democrat of Virginia, the authors of legislation that would become the CHIPS Act, in a call with the new Biden administration to push for the White House’s support of funding.

Mr. Kelly, an early sponsor of the CHIPS Act, became a chief negotiator on the legislation in Congress. He negotiated the inclusion of a four-year 25 percent investment tax credit in the bill, including a provision that ensured Intel and TSMC would get the tax credits even though their Arizona factory projects were announced before the bill would go into effect.

On Kelly’s work with Arizona partners and efforts to secure a $13 billion investment for workforce training:

[…] Mr. Kelly also helped the president of Arizona State University, Michael Crow, lobby for the inclusion of more than $13 billion in grants for research and development and work force training. And Mr. Kelly and state leaders hosted administration officials at events to showcase the state’s semiconductor efforts as part of the White House’s manufacturing strategy.

“We have the potential to lead the nation in microchip production,” Mr. Kelly said in a statement. “I was honored to lead this effort, and now I’m working to maximize it for Arizona. 

On how Kelly continues to work to expand Arizona’s semiconductor industry:

[…] In December, TSMC announced a second factory that would bring its total investment in Arizona to $40 billion. Mr. Biden and Ms. Raimondo traveled to Phoenix to speak at the announcement, with Mr. Kelly accompanying them on Air Force One.

[…] Arizona officials continue to pitch semiconductor companies to open factories in the state. This month, Ms. Watson hosted more than 20 chief executives of chip companies at the Super Bowl in Glendale. Katie Hobbs, Arizona’s new governor and a Democrat, and Mr. Kelly heralded how the state could benefit from the CHIPS Act.

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