Amid Invasion in Ukraine, Kelly Calls on Biden to Release Oil From Strategic Reserves, Support Suspending Federal Gas Tax

Today, following the unprovoked, illegal Russian invasion of Ukraine, Senator Mark Kelly urged President Joe Biden to take immediate steps to lower energy costs for Americans by authorizing coordinated releases of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, signing into law Kelly’s bill to suspend the federal gas tax through the end of the year, and continuing robust domestic energy production. 

In his letter to Biden, Kelly also emphasized that the United States is the world’s top producer of natural gas which may prove to be one of its strongest economic assets for countering Russian aggression while also lowering fuel prices.

“[…] As Russia continues its unprovoked attack on Ukraine, the average price of crude oil could remain above $100 per barrel and push the price of regular unleaded even higher than it is now. Hardworking families cannot continue to bear the economic hardship of high gas prices while paying for more expensive groceries and medicine. Even before the crisis in Ukraine, Arizona families struggled with costs at the pump,” wrote Senator Kelly in a letter to President Biden.

“[…] Getting rid of the federal gas tax for the rest of the year, coordinated releases of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, and maintaining robust domestic energy production are concrete steps that should be taken to drive down gas prices and provide relief to families,” continued Kelly.

In the Senate, Kelly, a Navy combat veteran and member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, has maintained a focus on bolstering Arizona’s economic recovery and strengthening America’s national security. Kelly recently condemned Russia’s illegal and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, urging maximum sanctions on Putin and the Russian government.

Kelly has also recently introduced legislation to suspend the 18 cent federal gas tax through the end of the year. The House also recently introduced companion legislation for Kelly’s bill. Last November, Kelly called on the Biden administration to outline its plans to bring down rising gasoline prices and urged investigating any potential cases of price gouging and market manipulation. 

Read Kelly’s letter HERE