Raises servicemember pay by 5.2%

Advances long-term future of Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Fort Huachuca, and Barry M. Goldwater Range

Today, Senate Armed Services Committee member and 25-year Navy combat veteran Mark Kelly announced that he secured major Arizona and national security priorities in the final version of the 2024 fiscal year defense bill. The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) passed the Senate with strong bipartisan support and is expected to pass the House this week and be signed into law. The bill advances new missions at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base; provides more than $66 million to fund planning, design, and construction of major infrastructure projects at military bases across Arizona; and maximizes U.S. leadership in developing the next generation of microchips. 

Kelly chairs the Senate Armed Services Subcommittee on Airland, where he led on the portions of the NDAA that cover Army, Air Force, and National Guard and Reserve planning, programs, procurement, and research and development. During the NDAA process, he chaired hearings on Army and Air Force modernization to hear and assess priorities from each branch and, subsequently, helped to craft relevant portions of this year’s NDAA. Through his leadership on the subcommittee, Kelly delivered on strengthening the industrial base to replenish munitions stocks and systems provided to Ukraine, pursue advanced U.S. munitions, and support modernization of the Army and Air Force while maintaining the readiness and capability of existing systems and aircraft. 

“With wars in Ukraine and the Middle East, and the threat of an increasingly aggressive China in the Pacific, strengthening our national security is vital to keeping Americans safe. As a veteran and member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, I worked to ensure this defense bill supports our servicemembers and their families and furthers Arizona’s leadership in our national defense. This bill is the product of months of hard work by Democrats and Republicans in the House and Senate and will enable our military to respond to the threats we face today and prepare for challenges ahead,” said Senator Kelly.   

Click here for a complete summary of the FY ‘24 NDAA. 

See below for key Arizona and national security provisions secured by Sen. Kelly

Supports Servicemembers and Military Families 

Strengthens National Security 

Arizona’s Military Installations and Defense Community 

See how Arizona defense leaders are reacting to Kelly’s work below: 

“The Defense Authorization Act will provide desperately needed funding for a water treatment plant at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, enable completion of the YPG Ready Building, and ensure the Barry M. Goldwater Range continues to support military training in southern Arizona. The Yuma 50 and Yuma community are grateful to Sen. Kelly for his work to secure funding for these essential investments,” said Julie Engel, Chair of Yuma 50

“The Huachuca 50 is pleased with the final passage of the National Defense Authorization Act. The NDAA addresses priorities in Southern Arizona including strengthening Sentinel Landscape, requiring a report on Military Health System civilian partnerships in rural communities, and recognizing the contribution of medical professionals in rural communities, such as Canyon Vista Medical Center, to military readiness.  The NDAA also addresses the capacity for testing and training of electromagnetic warfare operations, codifies the Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations Executive Committee, and directs the Secretaries of the Army and Air Force to brief a plan for joint aerial intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance. Fort Huachuca is already decisively engaged in each of these efforts. The Huachuca 50 commends Sen Kelly for his leadership on the Senate Armed Services as chair of the Airland Subcommittee. His leadership led to a bill that addresses national security challenges worldwide,” said Dr. Randy Groth, Huachuca 50 President.  

“MIDC is grateful for Senator Kelly’s leadership in passage of the National Defense Authorization Act. The NDAA is critical to our nation’s security and supportive of Arizona industry which provides needed products and components to our military and allies. Senator Kelly’s chairmanship of the Senate Armed Services Airland Subcommittee draws on his unique experience as a veteran to ensure our forces are modernized to respond to future threats,” said Sally Harrison, President Mesa Chamber of Commerce and Mesa Industry & Defense Council

“Our Senator Mark Kelly continues to be a key advocate for defense issues in Washington, especially those that impact northern Arizona and The Northern Arizona Military Affairs Council (NAMAC). Senator Kelly’s commitment to improving the Camp Navajo facility through a bridge assessment and DoD review of STRACNET (Strategic Rail Corridor Network) requirements in this year’s NDAA are important steps towards base enhancement now and into the future.  We are grateful for the good work and know there’s more to come. Senator Kelly’s leadership on the Senate Armed Service Committee for northern Arizona and our defense interests, and defense interests throughout Arizona is beyond commendable,” said Julie Patrick, President, Greater Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce and Northern Arizona Military Affairs Council.  

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