Year in Review: Kelly’s Office Returns Millions of Dollars Owed to Constituents in 2023

Since 2020, Kelly’s team has served 16,035 Arizonans, helping them save $24,440,438.84 in total

In the last year, the office of Arizona Senator Mark Kelly continued serving thousands of constituents when they reached out for help navigating federal agencies. From Veterans Affairs and Social Security benefits to visa applications and passport renewals, Kelly’s office acted on behalf of 5,819 constituents, helping return more than $5.2 million in benefits and payments owed to them. Across his now three years in office, Kelly and his office have helped return more than $24.4 million owed to Arizonans.   

Senator Mark Kelly staff at a farmers market in Flagstaff

See below for examples of Arizonans helped by Senator Kelly and his office: 

Social Security Benefits 

Ms. Dennehy from Chandler was receiving a lower Social Security retirement benefit than what she was owed. After multiple failed appeals, she reached out to our office, which then submitted an inquiry and the Social Security Administration (SSA) made adjustments. Ms. Dennehy now receives the amount she was owed from the beginning. 

Mr. Mendez from Duncan reached out when he suddenly stopped receiving his Social Security benefits via direct deposit. When our office contacted SSA, they said that Mr. Mendez’s address had been found to not be current. Because of our inquiry, the agency then updated Mr. Mendez’s records and his benefits resumed. 

Veteran Affairs 

Mr. Strader from Youngtown contacted our office because he needed a copy of his military discharge papers. After our office submitted an inquiry, Mr. Strader was able to get his military records. 

Mr. Daniel from Phoenix contacted our office when his VA pension check was suspended. Our office submitted an inquiry, and his benefits were reinstated with back pay. 


Mr. Salvant from Tucson had lost his passport and contacted our office four days before he would travel. An inquiry was sent to the Western Passport Center, and he received an emergency appointment two days before his trip. 

Other Federal Issues 

Ms. Harper from Tucson is a health care provider who had not been paid by Tricare since February 2022 for services provided to military families and retirees. Our office submitted an inquiry, and she began receiving payments along with back pay for previously missed payments. 

Senator Kelly is committed to making the federal government work for Arizona. Constituents who need assistance getting answers from a federal agency should contact his office at