WATCH: Small Business Owner Thanks Sen. Kelly’s Office for Assistance with PPP Loan That Saved His Business

Today, Arizona Senator Mark Kelly released a video from constituent Jabarha Nichols, owner and operator of Kuttz Barber Shop & College in Flagstaff, Arizona, who received assistance from Kelly’s office when he faced challenges securing a small business loan. 

Jabarha thanks Sen. Kelly and his team for their assistance.

Last year, Nichols applied for a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan during the pandemic to help him meet the needs of his business. After facing multiple hurdles in his application for a business loan, Nichols reached out to Kelly’s office for assistance. In a few weeks, Kelly’s casework team determined that Nichols qualified for a PPP loan. After being helped by the Senator’s staff, Nichols returned to his bank and was approved for a loan, helping keep his doors open and employees on payroll. 

“Kuttz is more than a small business — it’s a hub of learning, investing in the future and our Flagstaff community. I was getting a PPP loan during the most difficult time in United States history: the pandemic. I reached out to Team Kelly and they gave me some advice and I reached back out to my bank and secured a PPP loan,” said Nichols in his video. 

Watch Jabarha tell his story HERE

Kelly’s staff can assist constituents with a range of other federal issues involving veterans and active duty military, Social Security, Medicare, the Small Business Administration, Internal Revenue Service cases, immigration, passports, and others.

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