WATCH: Senator Kelly Pushes Western Water Infrastructure, Grid Reliability in Infrastructure Proposal

Yesterday, Arizona Senator Mark Kelly discussed key water and energy infrastructure priorities at a hearing on legislation proposed by Chairman Joe Manchin (D-WV) before the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources.  At the hearing, Senator Kelly announced he will work with his colleagues to prioritize the $5 billion contained in the proposal for water infrastructure on programs to repair aging irrigation canals and storage projects, and for the deployment of water recycling and desalination technology. Senator Kelly also discussed his proposal to expand energy programs that can help prevent electricity grids from failing during heatwaves and peaking demand.

Most of the dams, reservoirs, and irrigation canals that store and transport water to farms and cities in western states are more than 50 years old.  And they’re failing, they’re wasting water,” said Senator Kelly in the ENR hearing. “Funding should be prioritized for the completion of authorized water storage projects, deferred maintenance for dams, and the recently established ‘Aging Infrastructure Account’ at the Bureau of Reclamation.”

Senator Kelly also discussed the important role that electricity demand response programs in Arizona played during last summer’s regional heatwave.  The proposed bill includes a provision he authored that would expand the use of networked smart thermostats and appliances in federal building to more efficiently manage energy consumption during extreme weather events.   


To watch Kelly’s full remarks, click HERE