WATCH: Sen. Kelly Advocates for Drought Adaptation and Boat Ramp Improvements at Lake Powell

Kelly calls on the National Park Service to prioritize Lake Powell boat ramp rehabilitation

During a hearing of the Senate Subcommittee on National Parks, Arizona Senator Mark Kelly discussed the impact that declining water levels at Lake Powell are having on the outdoor recreation economy in Arizona. 

Drought conditions in the West have reduced water elevations inside Glen Canyon National Recreation Area to a historic low of 3,554 feet above sea level (34 percent capacity), which has curtailed the launching of motorized boats at Wahweap Marina near the City of Page.

Earlier this summer, Kelly sent a letter, along with Congressman O’Halleran and Senator Sinema, to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers requesting permission to extend boat ramps to accommodate increases in summer boating activity. Yesterday’s hearing follows continued requests from Kelly to the National Park Service to address the need to expand the boat ramps to accommodate Lake Powell visitation. In the hearing, Kelly was told by National Park Service (NPS) Regional Director Michael Reynolds that NPS funding would be used to modify the ramps.

Sen. Kelly speaks about drought conditions at Lake Powell during the hearing. 

Watch his full remarks HERE.