WATCH: Kelly Holds Video Press Call on Intel’s $8.5B CHIPS Act Award Announcement

The award will support 3,000 manufacturing and 6,000 construction jobs in Arizona

Today, Arizona Senator Mark Kelly held a video press call to discuss today’s announcement by the Department of Commerce that Intel Corporation will receive $8.5 billion in direct funding from Kelly’sCHIPS and Science Act. This will support construction of Intel’s microchip manufacturing plants in America, including in Arizona where it will create 3,000 manufacturing jobs and 6,000 construction jobs. The award will be the largest from the CHIPS and Science Act, which was negotiated by Kelly. 

Kelly was joined on the call by Intel Vice President of U.S. Government Relations, Allen Thompson, and Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC) President and CEO, Chris Camacho. Together, they discussed the historic nature of the award and how it will further cement Arizona’s status as a global hub for semiconductor manufacturing.  

Click here to download video of the conversation. See key excerpts below:  

Kelly discusses the CHIPS and Science Act’s historic investment on a press call

Kelly on the significance of the announcement: 

The announcement by President Biden of an $8.5 billion award for Intel is the beginning of a new era where the United States is again going to lead the world in microchip manufacturing. This is really good news. As the Senator from Arizona, this is great for our state. Seeing Arizona at the forefront of this is a really positive thing. That was the goal of the CHIPS and Science Act: to bring microchip manufacturing back to America, and at the same time, create really good-paying jobs and strengthen our supply chains. 

Kelly on what the announcement means for Arizona:  

For Arizona, what today’s announcement means is really good-paying jobs. Intel’s construction of these two new facilities in Chandler is already underway. I had a chance to visit these sites where today’s investment will support 6,000 construction jobs. When these facilities are done and when they’re ready, these plants will create 3,000 new manufacturing jobs. As I said, these are jobs where you get a paycheck that you can actually raise a family on. And many of these jobs do not require a four-year degree.  

Intel VP Allen Thompson on Kelly’s decisive role in making this award possible: 

This project would not be possible without the support and funds of the Chips and Science Act. I will say, without a doubt, and I think the President channeled these remarks very well, the support of Members of Congress and both parties and the Arizona delegation was key. But I can promise you the leadership of Senator Kelly in driving the Congress to pass this bill and get it signed into law was invaluable. We would not be having this conversation without his persistence, his focus and his efforts. 

GPEC President Chris Camacho on Arizona’s future as a technology hub:  

Even as we see the advancements in AI, this particular location will be at the forefront—forever affecting the way we think about the next generation of technologies being built. As Al referenced, this is 40 years in the making. Where we sit today was former cattle grazing fields, and today, it’s the epicenter of one of the most significant technology hubs in the entire state and certainly in the Southwest.