WATCH: Fox News Spotlights Sen. Kelly’s Landmark Microchip Manufacturing Legislation 

In case you missed, Fox News recently highlighted Senator Mark Kelly’s $52 billion plan to boost domestic microchip manufacturing, which will strengthen our national security, create tens of thousands of high-paying Arizona jobs, and lower costs. Thanks to Kelly’s bipartisan CHIPS Act, Arizona is well-positioned to become a global hub for the microchip manufacturing industry.  

In the interview, Kelly also emphasized how his legislation, now law, will reduce U.S. reliance on foreign microchip manufacturers, specifically in the face of increased Chinese aggression towards Taiwan.  

Click HERE to watch. See key excerpts below:  

On the economic impact of microchip manufacturing investments in Arizona: 

Baier: Some fabs could start production as soon as next year. Arizona has a significant showing of planned projects over the next ten years. Arizona is in the middle of really building up to have a facility there to compete.  

Kelly: Facilities—multiple.  

Baier: And that’s a big deal for the state that you’re in and also for the country.  

Kelly: Big deal for the country. I mean it helps in our state—it’s jobs, right. It grows our economy. It also grows the economy—nationwide.  

On reducing reliance on foreign supply chains: 

Baier: A shortage of chips has eased somewhat but the push to expand production in some business sectors is creating further demand for chip manufacturers. More electric cars …  

Kelly: Electric cars, but more important than that: F-35s, F-16s. We don’t want to have to rely on a supply chain that goes across the Pacific Ocean. 

On the economic risks of China’s aggression towards Taiwan: 

Baier: One country is causing concerns for nations around the world. China—how big of a deal is it for you as a national security threat to the U.S.?  

Kelly: It’s the biggest.  

Baier: China is the fifth leading producer in the world. South Korea, Japan, and the U.S. all make more. Beijing’s aggression towards top manufacturer Taiwan is creating concerns around the globe. Do you think China is closer to moving on Taiwan, now?  

Kelly: Well, I think it’s closer than we have thought in previous years. They [Taiwan] make the best microelectronics in the world—the best semiconductor chips. If we lose access to that the estimate is that in a couple years, we would lose up to 10% of our GDP.