VIDEO: Sen. Kelly Votes to Advance Women’s Health Protection Act

Today, Arizona Senator Mark Kelly voted in favor of advancing the Women’s Health Protection Act. This legislation would protect the right to access abortion care throughout the United States by writing into law the landmark Roe v. Wade decision.  

Last week, when the draft opinion overturning Roe v. Wade was made public, Kelly recommitted to doing everything he could to protect a woman’s right to choose an abortion. 

The Senate failed to advance the Women’s Health Protection Act on a 49-51 vote. Before he voted in favor of advancing the Women’s Health Protection Act, Kelly released the following video explaining why this legislation is so critical: 

Kelly explains his vote to advance legislation to protect women’s health care decisions.

Read the video transcript below: 

“I’m about to go over to the floor to vote for the Women’s Health Protection Act. For almost 50 years now, women have had a right to an abortion, and to make decisions about their own health care. And that is possibly going to change with this decision by the Supreme Court. This legislation that we’re going to vote on would fix that,” said Kelly in his video. 

“Now, I’m really concerned, because I have a one-year-old granddaughter. And if what the Supreme Court did last week actually becomes the law, then my granddaughter will have fewer rights than my grandmother. And that just takes us in the wrong direction—a giant leap backwards.  

“So, I’m going to vote to make sure that women can make these decisions for themselves, and we’re going to protect women’s health care.”  

Watch the full video with captions on Twitter HERE. 

To download the uncaptioned MP4 video, click HERE.