Senator Kelly Speaks with Governor Ducey About Arizona’s COVID-19 Response, Priorities

Today, United States Senator Mark Kelly spoke with Governor Doug Ducey about Arizona’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the state’s vaccination plan, and ensuring that Arizonans get the support and resources they need during this pandemic. 

Kelly told Ducey that he supports his request for additional vaccines from the federal government, and will continue working with the congressional delegation and administration to advocate for more vaccinations for Arizona. Kelly also shared concerns he has heard from Arizona mayors and his Senior Citizen Advisory Group about inadequate vaccine supply in rural and border areas, and the difficulties that seniors and others with limited transportation options are having getting vaccinated. 

“Getting Arizonans vaccinated is how we are going to beat this virus for good and get our economy back on track. Governor Ducey and I spoke about the state’s vaccination program, issues that I have heard from Arizonans, and actions that need to be taken to get the vaccinations to the people who need them most,” said Senator Kelly. “It is critical that we all work together, the governor, our congressional delegation, and local leaders, to get our communities the resources to get Arizonans vaccinated and continue to support those who need it most during this crisis.”

Regarding relief, Kelly also raised casework issues that have come to his office including delays in rental and unemployment assistance reaching Arizonans, and the looming threat of evictions for families and individuals. 

Kelly last spoke with Ducey in December when they discussed the COVID-19 pandemic and the strain that rising cases and hospitalizations were putting on Arizona’s health care system. During that call, Kelly reiterated his support for additional efforts to slow the virus’s spread such as a statewide mask mandate. 

Since that call, Kelly has joined a bipartisan working group of 8 Democrats and 8 Republicans working to find common ground on COVID-19 relief, including additional funding for vaccinations. He has also held a number of conversations with his COVID-19 Working Group made up of Arizona public health experts, his Senior Citizen Advisory Group made up of senior leaders and organizations, and mayors from the border to northern Arizona.

Kelly has previously written the Department of Health and Human Services urging them to coordinate on-site vaccinations for Customs and Border Protection officers.