Senator Kelly Posts Official Schedule for First Time

Today, United States Senator Mark Kelly for the first time posted his official schedule from the week publicly on his Senate website, making good on a commitment to Arizonans ensuring they know how he’s working for them in the Senate.

Moving forward, the official schedule will continue to be posted to his Senate website at the end of each week. As the Senator’s website is updated it will include a calendar feature.

The official schedule will include scheduled events from the preceding week such as meetings with groups and constituents in his Senate office, hearings, and votes.

Kelly’s first official meeting as a Senator was a Thursday virtual conversation on the coronavirus with Arizonans who have been directly impacted by the pandemic.

“This is an important step for Arizonans to have accountability and to see how I am working for them in the United States Senate. My very first meeting as a Senator was with Arizonans to hear how teachers, parents, health care workers, small business owners are impacted by this pandemic, and to discuss what can be done to keep families and small businesses afloat as we work to defeat this virus and get our economy back on track.” – Senator Mark Kelly.