Senator Kelly Named Chair of Armed Services Subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities

Panel oversees intelligence missions including at Fort Huachuca

Today, Senator Kelly was named chair of the Senate Armed Service Committee’s Subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities. The panel oversees Department of Defense policies and programs related to intelligence, special operations, and counterterrorism, among others. The committee’s jurisdiction includes the intelligence missions based at Fort Huachuca in Cochise County, Arizona, and the work being done at Arizona installations to develop technology and capabilities to respond to emerging threats is also central to the committee’s goals.

“The work of the Emerging Threats and Capabilities subcommittee is critical at a time when we are competing to maintain an advantage over our adversaries that requires us to be researching, developing, and testing new technologies and capabilities. I look forward to working with Republicans and Democrats on the subcommittee to get our military the tools it needs, strengthen security cooperation with our partners and allies, and counter threats from adversaries like China who seek to expand their sphere of influence,” said Senator Kelly. “This leadership position will also enable me to work closely with commanders leading critical missions in Arizona and across our country that allow us to retain our competitive edge as a nation.”

Kelly is a twenty-five year Navy veteran with experience as a combat pilot, test pilot, and astronaut. Kelly’s service and now leadership position on the Senate Armed Services Committee continues a long legacy of Arizona Senators advocating on the committee for the state’s defense community and our national security.