Sen. Kelly Statement on State of the Union Address

Today, Arizona Senator Mark Kelly, a 25-year Navy veteran, issued this statement following tonight’s State of the Union address: 

“Tonight, I was glad to hear President Biden highlight our bipartisan CHIPS law that will create tens of thousands of good-paying jobs in Arizona, many of which won’t require a four-year degree. For years, Republicans and Democrats talked about bringing manufacturing jobs back to the United States. We actually got it done. Our success shows that finding common ground can deliver real results for American workers and strengthen our economy and national security. Now, we must work to build on these bipartisan successes to tackle more issues critical to Arizonans, like securing our border and fixing our broken immigration system. 

“The President got it right when it comes to protecting Social Security and Medicare. While some politicians debate cuts in exchange for the federal government paying its bills, Arizonans know I will always stand up for our seniors and protect their hard-earned benefits. Partisan politics should never get in between seniors’ health care and retirement. 

“As a combat veteran, I second his call for bipartisanship and putting country over politics. Right now, our allies and adversaries are watching closely. Congress should not lose sight of the fact that China and Russia are testing our commitment to our friends around the globe. It’s critical that leaders of both parties set aside their differences and come together to defend democracy and freedom. As Arizona and our country navigate the challenges we face at home and abroad, I’ll continue working with Republicans, Democrats, and the Administration to protect our freedoms and deliver results.”