Sen. Kelly Statement on One-Year Anniversary of Historic CHIPS and Science Act

Today, Arizona Senator Mark Kelly released the following statement on the one-year anniversary of his CHIPS and Science Act being signed into law: 

“One year since President Biden signed the CHIPS and Science Act into law, we’ve seen microchip companies make big investments in America, helping to spark a new era in America’s leadership of microchip development and manufacturing. This is creating high-paying jobs, lowering costs, strengthening supply chains, and our national security.”  

“That’s especially the case in Arizona, home to one of the largest microchip industries in the country, where we’ve already seen the economic benefits of this bipartisan accomplishment — and it is only the beginning. There’s more to come for Arizona and America. I remain focused on maximizing the impact of the CHIPS and Science Act by supporting our workers, strengthening our workforce through apprenticeships and community college programs, and streamlining permitting for microchip manufacturing.”  


Kelly championed the three pieces of legislation that formed the backbone of the Senate-passed CHIPS Act of 2022 – serving as a chief negotiator of the bill’s $52 billion plan to boost domestic microchip manufacturing, co-leading the introduction of the U.S. Innovation and Competition Act, and leading the FABS Act. This legislation will help establish Arizona as a global hub for microelectronics research, development, testing, manufacturing, and packaging. It will also incentivize companies to construct, expand, or modernize their microchip fabrication plants and processing equipment.  

Kelly also recently introduced and got passed through the Senate his bipartisan Building Chips in America Act, which streamlines the permitting process for microchip facilities while maintaining protections for clean air and clean water.