Sen. Kelly Statement on Continued U.S. Support for Israel

Today, Arizona Senator Mark Kelly released the following statement on the United States’ continued support for Israel following terror attacks by Hamas on Saturday: 

“The United States continues to stand with our ally Israel as they defend themselves against these terror attacks. Over the past few days, I have followed the crisis closely, been briefed by defense officials, and spoken to many leaders in Arizona’s Jewish community who, like all of us, are horrified by the violence and brutality against innocent civilians. 

“The Biden administration has acted quickly and decisively to support Israel with intelligence and other assistance in responding to these attacks and working to rescue hostages, including Americans. And I strongly support the important decision to reposition a carrier strike group in the region, sending a clear signal to Iran and others that they must not take any steps to further escalate the conflict. 

“As Israel responds to these attacks and expends its stockpile of air defenses to protect its people from ongoing rocket attacks, I’m ready to again work with Republicans and Democrats in the Senate to quickly provide the additional aid Israel may need.”