PHOTO: Sen. Kelly Meets with Yuma Mayor to Discuss Title 42, Commitment to Border Security 

Today, Arizona Senator Mark Kelly met with Yuma Mayor Doug Nicholls in his Washington, DC office to discuss their concerns around the Biden administration’s efforts to lift Title 42 without a comprehensive plan in place and Kelly’s continued push for the administration to deploy the resources needed to ensure a fair, secure, and orderly border response in Yuma. 

Kelly heard from Nicholls about the impact the administration’s lack of adequate preparation could have in Yuma. In particular, Nicholls and Kelly spoke about how an increase in migrant arrivals would further strain local resources, further stretch non-profit organizations providing humanitarian relief, and create further challenges for the men and women of the U.S. Border Patrol and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) doing the important work of securing our border, protecting trade, and preventing the flow of illegal drugs. Kelly stressed his commitment to holding the administration accountable to better communication and coordination with border communities like Yuma and to delivering the resources needed locally to address this challenge.  

Sen. Kelly and Yuma Mayor Nicholls meet in Kelly’s Washington, DC office.

Since taking office, Kelly has continued to push the Biden administration for a plan to deal with the border crisis that does not place the burden on border communities. In keeping with his commitment to a fair, secure, and orderly border response, Kelly recently made his fifth visit to the Arizona-Mexico border to speak with and hear directly from CBP leadership about the operational challenges created by increased border apprehensions. 

Recently, Kelly and a bipartisan group of Senators introduced legislation to ensure the administration coordinates and communicates with border communities and puts a comprehensive, workable plan in place before lifting Title 42. The bill specifically delays the Administration’s planned end to Title 42 for at least 60 days. 

Earlier this year, Kelly and Sinema secured critical federal funding to help Arizona manage the current migrant crisis, improve border security, and keep Arizona communities safe, including additional funds for community organizations helping manage the border.