Over $179 Million Coming to Arizona Public Transit from Bipartisan Infrastructure Law This Year

Infrastructure Investment and Jobs law led by Sinema and shaped by Kelly provides more than $179 million in federal transit funding for 2023 alone

$179,600,665 will be invested in Arizona public transit from the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs law led by Senator Kyrsten Sinema and shaped by Senator Mark Kelly.

Of the more than $179 million, $102.1 million will be delivered to the Phoenix-Mesa metro area and $23.6 million for the Tucson Metro area. This historic funding was allocated through Federal Transit Administration formula programs, which includes funding from both the Mass Transit Account of the Highway Trust Fund and advance appropriations provided by the bipartisan infrastructure law. This funding will support transit programs in both urbanized and rural areas, grants for buses and bus facilities – including low- and no-emission buses – transit designed for seniors and people with disabilities, planning funds, and support to improve the condition of transit assets. 

“This critical funding from our infrastructure law will better connect Arizonans to their jobs, schools, health care services, and loved ones – fueling economic opportunities across our state, enhancing safety, and improving quality of life. We’ll work hand-in-hand with local leaders to ensure this investment is implemented efficiently and effectively,” said Sinema, lead negotiator and co-author of the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs law.

“Arizonans deserve reliable public transit to get them from work, to school, to the doctor’s office and back to their families. The funding we secured will help the Phoenix and Tucson metro areas continue to operate the high-quality transit systems that many Arizonans rely upon, while also leaving our environment cleaner by polluting less. This is a win for everyone, and I’m looking forward to the positive impact this program will have on our communities,” said Kelly.

Last year, Arizona received $176 million in public transit funding from the bipartisan infrastructure law.

Sinema and Kelly’s bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs lawmakes the strongest investment ever in American public transit with $39.2 billion to expand transit systems, increase accessibility, and fund the nation’s transit system repair backlog, estimated at more than 24,000 buses; 5,000 rail cars; 200 stations; and thousands of miles of track, signals, and power systems—and the biggest investment in passenger rail since the creation of Amtrak.

Sinema led bipartisan Senate negotiations with Republican Senator Rob Portman of Ohio that included Kelly and senators from both parties.

The bipartisan infrastructure law was supported by groups including The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Business Roundtable, The National Association of Manufacturers, The AFL-CIO, The National Retail Federation, The Bipartisan Policy Center, North America’s Building Trades Unions, the Outdoor Industry Association, The American Hotel and Lodging Association, The National Education Association, as well as hundreds of mayors across all 50 states.