Kelly Statement on Passage of National Security Package

Today, Arizona Senator, Navy combat veteran, and Senate Intelligence and Armed Services Committees member Mark Kelly released the following statement after the Senate passed a national security package that includes support for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan:  

“At a dangerous time for our national security, tonight Republicans and Democrats in Congress finally stepped up to support Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan as they face threats to their existence and secured humanitarian aid for Palestinian civilians in Gaza.  

“Ukraine in particular is running low on the ammunition it needs to beat back Putin, and by transferring them equipment from our own stocks and then replenishing it with more modern technology, we’re helping Ukraine win and strengthening our military.  

“Today’s vote is a clear message to Putin, Iran and its proxies, and President Xi that the United States stands by its allies. By keeping our adversaries from getting the upper hand and sowing more instability, we are making the world safer for our kids and grandkids. This couldn’t have passed without the work of Majority Leader Schumer, Leader McConnell, Speaker Johnson, and Leader Jeffries.”  


Earlier in the day, Kelly spoke on the Senate floor about the importance of passing this bill to strengthen U.S. national security.   

Kelly has visited Ukraine twice since the war broke out, first in April and then in September last year.   

Kelly visited Israel days after the October 7th attack and then again in January this year.  

The national security package also includes the bipartisan FEND Off Fentanyl Act.