Kelly, Sinema Introduce Bill Protecting the Grand Canyon, Strengthening Arizona’s Economy

Arizona Senators Mark Kelly and Kyrsten Sinema introduced the Grand Canyon Protection Act to strengthen the state’s economy by protecting the Grand Canyon and Arizona’s outdoor heritage. Sinema also introduced the Grand Canyon Protection Act in the 116th Congress, and Kelly cosponsored it after being sworn in in December of 2020.

“I’ve seen the Grand Canyon’s beauty from space and up close. It is a treasure for Arizona and for our country. We can and must protect the unique public lands that our economy and communities depend on,” said Kelly. 

“Arizona’s economy depends on protecting the Grand Canyon and ensuring it remains a safe and stunning part of our state for generations to come,” said Sinema.

Kelly and Sinema’s Grand Canyon Protection Act prohibits new uranium mining around Grand Canyon National Park, protecting Arizona’s water supply, outdoor recreation and tourism industries, and tribal communities. Currently, the Grand Canyon welcomes over 6 million visitors a year, contributes $1.2 billion to local economies, and supports over 12,500 jobs in the region.