Kelly, Sinema Announce Over $156 Million To Strengthen Rural & Underserved Arizona Communities’ Access to Solar Energy

Historic climate and energy law shaped by Kelly and Sinema provides more than $156 million for solar energy projects in underserved communities across Arizona

Arizona Senators Mark Kelly and Kyrsten Sinema announced $156,120,000 for residential and neighborhood solar projects for low-income and disadvantaged communities in Arizona—strengthening access to electricity, lowering costs, and creating jobs.  

The investments were awarded through the Solar for All (SFA) program—created as part of the historic climate and energy law shaped by Kelly and Sinema.   

“Arizona has long been a leader in clean energy. And now, thanks to our law, the state’s leadership is being boosted with solar energy projects that will reduce costs for low-income communities, while improving air quality for all Arizonans,” said Kelly.  

“I’m proud to secure these federal investments to ensure Arizonans in rural and underserved communities may benefit from our state’s abundant solar resources,” said Sinema.  

The SFA proposal will provide $164 million in energy bill savings for Arizonans and enable the State of Arizona to partner with electric utilities, especially Tribal utility authorities, to deploy neighborhood-scale solar and provide utility bill credits for thousands of Arizonans renting in multi-family housing.   

The climate and energy law funds the SFA program to deploy residential solar energy projects in low-income and disadvantaged communities on rooftops, in neighborhoods, and in solar-plus-storage systems. The projects will lower electricity bills for these communities and reduce harmful emissions.