Kelly Helps Latino-Owned Business Secure $1.3 Million Loan to Keep Doors Open

Arizona Senator Mark Kelly has maintained a focus on helping hardworking Arizona families and small businesses recover from this COVID-19 pandemic. In keeping with his commitment, recently, Kelly visited Tres Leches Café, a beloved Latino-owned business in Phoenix. During his visit, Kelly met with the business owner and staff after his office helped the cafe secure a $1.3 million loan from the Small Business Administration after they faced delays at the SBA. Telemundo Arizona, who spoke with Kelly during his visit to Tres Leches Café, highlighted the successful assistance from his office.

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“We can continue our dream of having this business, creating more opportunities for our employees, and making a change for our community, and continuing to support the community that supports us,” said Magaly Saenz of Tres Leches Café in an interview with Telemundo Arizona about the loan Kelly’s office helped secure. 

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Read the translated transcript below:

Octavio Pulido: Switching gears now, we know business after business has had to close their doors due to the public health crisis. Tres Leches Café is one that was close to making this very decision before long-awaited economic assistance came their way, one that could also be available to other small businesses. Valeria Aponte, tell us, who is eligible for this help? We can hear you. Good afternoon. 

Aponte: This is a loan that the Small Business Administration is offering to establishments like this one, Tres Leches Café, to help them keep their doors open after the impact they’ve suffered due to the pandemic. Now, the process can be complicated and there is a lot of paperwork to fill out, but there are organizations and offices of senators who are available to help you get this money. 

Magaly Saenz, Tres Leches Café: We had to close, we had issues with getting in touch with staff, we had issues with finding the money to stay open. 

Aponte: This well-known valley café is one of thousands of businesses who suffered economically during this pandemic. The number of customers dwindled. For safety reasons, they had to close for some time. All while the bills kept coming. 

Saenz: We had lots of bills that were piling up over the last two months. 

Aponte: They applied for a loan from the Small Business Administration in 2020 that helped them for some time but their hands were tied once again. They sought a modification to receive more money. The months passed and the assistance did not come in. 

Saenz: While we were waiting, it was always something we thought about, closing permanently. 

Aponte: In a moment of desperation, they contacted Senator Mark Kelly’s office. Their team agreed to help them. One day they received the notification that they had been approved for the modification. They received a $1.3 million loan.

Saenz: Oof. I cried!

Aponte: This Friday, Senator Mark Kelly visited Tres Leches Café where Magaly and the staff were able to personally tell him thank you. 

Senator Kelly: And my office was able to help because this is such a valuable and important business for this community.

Aponte: He emphasized the importance of taking advantage of the help that they’re offering: assistance that allowed Tres Leches Café to keep serving their community. 

Saenz: We can continue our dream of having this business, creating more opportunities for our employees, and making a change for our community, and continuing to support the community that supports us. 

Aponte: Now, this is a loan that does have interest and it does need to be paid but there is no deadline. For more information you can visit our website. Back to you.