Kelly Continues Focus on Lowering Costs for Arizona Families

Arizona Senator Mark Kelly has been focused on addressing rising costs for Arizonans. Whether it is speaking in committee about skyrocketing gas prices, bringing down health care costs, or calling on the administration to address rising food costs, Kelly is heading into 2022 continuing to make Arizona families and the costs they are facing a top priority. 

Following pressure from Kelly last month,  the administration recently announced it would initiate five steps Kelly specifically called for in order to bring down high food prices, including scaling-up grants for smaller producers, cracking down on anti-competitive behaviors in the meatpacking industry, implementing more cattle market transparency measures, accelerating investigations into price-fixing, and more

See news highlights on Kelly’s efforts below:

Addressing Food Prices

KYMABiden administration addresses increasing food prices

The price of goods have been going up recently and Senator Mark Kelly (D-AZ) made a push for the Biden administration to address this issue. […]

Senator Kelly pushed for the administration to address this recent issue by acknowledging anti-competitive behaviors and to look into stopping corporations from artificially raising prices.

The Biden administration announced a $1 billion provision to support smaller businesses, while the Department of Agriculture will investigate price-fixing and will provide $32 million towards Meat and Poultry Inspection Readiness Grants.

Univision: Los alimentos han aumentado su precio hasta tres veces más que el promedio en los últimos 10 años

KYMA: An increase on groceries is impacting locals shopping habits

[…] With items being more expensive shoppers are changing their lifestyle to adjust to this change. 

“We are definitely more careful, using lots of coupons and sometimes we are missing out on some of the stuff we use to enjoy,” said Ponce.

Senator Mark Kelly has reached out to the Biden Administration, hoping to find a solution to decrease grocery prices for struggling Arizona families. 

Kelly lays out key ways that could help, one is establishing an Interagency working group within the administration’s supply chain task force, which will focus on lowering food prices for middle-class families. 

Addressing Gas Prices

KTAR: Sen. Mark Kelly wants White House to look into Arizona’s soaring gas prices

The rapid rise of gas prices in Arizona is a concern to Democratic U.S. Sen. Mark Kelly and he wants the White House to do something about it.

“We’re asking them to look at it. … This is really hurting families across our state,” Kelly told KTAR News 92.3’s Arizona’s Morning News on Thursday.

[…] Kelly said a possible solution was to increase domestic production of crude oil.

“That’s one thing that lowers the price. It takes about 30 days once production of crude increases for the price of gasoline to come down,” he said.

“We want the prices to come down.”

ABC 15: Sen. Kelly Urges Biden to Act on Gas Prices 

“I mean, families are hurting. When costs rise, it really hurts middle and working class families, and gas prices are a big part of this.

And there are things that can be done to address and try to bring down the price of gasoline, that can be done from the administration. So I’m asking the President to do that.”

KYMA: Senator Kelly says ‘Arizonans need relief’ from rising gas prices

On November 18, Arizona Senator Mark Kelly wrote a letter addressed to the Biden administration regarding the increasing gas prices in the state. […]

Senator Kelly urges the administration to elaborate on possible plans for gas prices, as well as considering working with the state to monitor any price gouging.

Addressing Health Care and Prescription Drug Prices

12 News: Arizona Senator Mark Kelly signs deal lowering the price of prescription drugs

 KYMA: New bill goes into effect to protect Arizonans from surprise medical bills

The No Surprises Act, which protects Arizonans from surprise out-of-network medical bills, has gone into effect on January 1, 2022.

This federal law was backed by Arizona Senator Mark Kelly, who voted for it in the December government funding bill.

“Health care costs too much, and a big reason why is that too many families have received unexpected, out-of-network medical bills after receiving care. This new law protects Arizona patients from being burdened with costly surprise medical bills simply for seeking the emergency care they need,” said Senator Kelly.