Kelly and Sinema Deliver Over $132 Million in Major Investments for Arizona in Annual Budget Bill

Senators secured major investments for local Arizona communities that support law enforcement and emergency services, expand health care access, boost educational resources, strengthen water infrastructure for tribes and towns, and more  

Arizona Senators Mark Kelly and Kyrsten Sinema announced major federal investments they secured across Arizona. These investments through the Fiscal Year 2023 bipartisan annual budget will support law enforcement and emergency services, expand health care access, boost education resources, strengthen water infrastructure for tribes and towns, improve roads and bridges, and more, across all 15 Arizona counties.  

“After months of work with mayors, law enforcement, and local leaders, these new investments will go directly to Arizona communities. Whether it’s providing critical resources for our police officers, improving high-speed internet access for rural Arizonans, or upgrading water infrastructure during this drought, these projects are going to improve peoples’ lives across the state,” said Senator Kelly.  

“Today’s investments are a win for Arizona. We’ve secured resources that empower our local communities and tribes with resources to provide critical services for public safety, health, education, water infrastructure, transportation, and more. I’m proud to deliver these wins for our state,” said Sinema.  

“We are thankful to Senators Sinema and Kelly for their continued advocacy and investment in the renewal of Downtown Yuma,” said Yuma Mayor Doug Nicholls.  

“In the last several years, our community has been ravaged by wildfire and post-wildfire flooding.  Senators Sinema and Kelly fought hard to include $1,482,900 in the Fiscal Year 2023 Omnibus Appropriations bill for Museum Post-Wildfire Flood Mitigation as well as additional post-wildfire flood mitigation funds through the Emergency Watershed Protection (EWP) Program and the U.S. Forest Service that will begin to address these needs. Senator Sinema and Senator Kelly have spent considerable time in northern Arizona helping us craft meaningful solutions to these pressing needs and this is proof positive of their strong support for our community. We are incredibly grateful for their leadership and support in addressing these critical public safety issues for the City of Flagstaff,” said Flagstaff Mayor Becky Daggett. 

“The Hopi Tribe is thrilled that the omnibus spending bill contains funding for a water project that will help secure water for the Villages of Moenkopi. Without this critical funding, those villages would likely run out of water by 2025. Kwakwa (Thank you) to Senators Kelly and Sinema for championing this desperately needed project that will improve the lives of Hopi people in those villages,” said Hopi Tribe Chairman Timothy Nuvangyaoma.  

“The City of Glendale is grateful that Congress included a $1,339,000 appropriation in the Transportation-HUD final bill which will complete the Glendale Community Centers Digital Equity Initiative at three communities throughout Glendale. Thank you, Senator Sinema and Senator Kelly for championing this request in the United States Senate! This appropriation will improve the lives for the residents of Glendale,” said Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers.  

“The passage of this historic funding package further reinforces Congress’s commitment to the region’s economic vitality. Funding allocated to the Maricopa County Community College District to support our bioscience programs will further enhance our high-quality education, student support services, and continued efforts to train the workforce of today and tomorrow. I extend my thanks on behalf of MCCCD to Senator Kyrsten Sinema, Senator Mark Kelly, and Congressman Greg Stanton for keeping our System top of mind, and advocating for college access for students across Arizona,” said Maricopa County Community College District Chancellor Steven Gonzales.  

“Bullhead City residents greatly need water redundancy and additional volume to better serve our community,” said Bullhead City Mayor Steve D’Amico. “Senators Sinema and Kelly have been staunch advocates for our community especially those in underserved and impoverished neighborhoods who need access to clean water. Bullhead City appreciates the hard work of Senator Sinema, Senator Kelly, and their staff as they work hard to secure and improve Arizona’s water environment.”  

“We are extremely grateful for Senator Kelly and his efforts to secure federal funding for the reconstruction of Millet Swale,” said Navajo County Supervisor Jason Whiting. “This project is critical for the protection of homes and property in our communities.  The regional collaboration and partnership between the Town of Taylor, the Town of Snowflake, the Silver Creek Flood Control District, Navajo County, and our residents has been key to moving this project forward and it is greatly appreciated.”      

“The funding secured by Senators Kelly and Sinema will enable the Tubac Fire District to replace a 50-year-old fire station, which will help us accommodate larger equipment, provide better resources for our hardworking personnel, and improve our ability to serve our growing community. We are so grateful to the Senators for their advocacy and support in this process, and we are excited to see the impact of this project here at home,” said Fire Chief Cheryl Horvath, Tubac Fire District.  

“A sincere thank you to Senator Kelly and Senator Sinema for securing funding to bring healthcare closer to the residents of Cochise County,” said Julia Strange, chief executive officer, Benson Hospital. “The mobile MRI will expand magnetic resonance imaging to the rural communities of Benson, Willcox, Bisbee and Douglas. With this vital funding, Copper Queen Community Hospital, Northern Cochise Community Hospital and Benson Hospital will come together to increase access to care close to home. And, it’s important to note, that “close to home” in these communities is relative because of the vast distances between each community – and so mobile is critical. All three critical access hospitals have collaborated through the Southern Arizona Hospital Alliance and this opportunity to partner with Mo Sheldon, CEO, Northern Cochise Community Hospital, and Rob Seamon, CEO, at Copper Queen Community Hospital will benefit the community.” 

“We greatly appreciate the much-needed funding in the Omnibus Appropriations bill to construct new conveyance facilities to replace the use of the Santa Rosa Canal. This project will provide certainty by ensuring groundwater continues to be available to farmers in the Maricopa-Stanfield and Central Arizona Irrigation and Drainage Districts, while protecting water quality for the Ak-Chin Indian Community. We would like to thank Senator Sinema, Senator Kelly and Congressman O’Halleran for their support of this project and all of our efforts to continue producing food and fiber for Arizona and the Nation in the face of historic drought,” said Ron McEachern, General Manager of Central Arizona Irrigation and Drainage District, and Brian Yerges, General Manager of Maricopa-Stanfield Irrigation and Drainage District.  

“As our communities grow and expand, Arizona Western College, along with our partners in industry and academia, is poised to support workforce development through critical support services and programs. We are honored to partner with Senators Kelly and Sinema to secure this funding for Yuma and La Paz Counties. As one of 10 community college districts around the state positioned to develop our workforce, AWC is proud to play an integral role in addressing workforce development needs. These funds will provide opportunities for thousands of local Arizonans prepare for high-wage, high-skill jobs, through our community college,” said Dr. Daniel Corr, President of Arizona Western College.  

“The City of Surprise is incredibly thankful for the support of Senators Kelly and Sinema in garnering $1 million in congressional funding for the planned Northwest Valley Multigenerational Community Resource Center in Surprise,” said City of Surprise Mayor Skip Hall. “This project will allow the City to expand health and wellness, workforce development, and housing and homelessness benefit assistance; while also offering senior services, library services, veteran services and after-school and summer youth programming. I am proud to know that all levels of leadership – from local to county to national – see the significance of this project and the importance of providing local programs and gathering places that contribute to the health and success of a community.”  

“We are very grateful to Senator Kelly, Senator Sinema and Representative O’Halleran for securing initial funding to begin improvements of the intake pipes for our drinking water as well as our dated water treatment plant.  As the West continues navigating this historic drought, it is more important than ever that Page families, small businesses, and visitors from around the world have ready access to essential water, even during peak demand. Thanks to our Senators’ and Congressman’s advocacy, we will be able to start upgrading key components of our water infrastructure to better serve the Page community,” said Page Mayor Bill Diak. 

“Thanks to the support of Senators Sinema and Kelly, and that of Congressman Grijalva and Congresswoman Kirkpatrick, this Community Project funding will allow Pima Community College to expand its curriculum in commercial HVAC, an industry that is critically short of trained workers nationwide. PCC will be one of very few colleges and technical schools that will be able to more fully train and prepare students to start careers in that industry and to reskill/upskill technicians already employed, both serving employers and strengthening our economy,” said Lee D. Lambert, Chancellor & CEO, Pima Community College.  

“We are extremely thankful for Senators Sinema and Kelly’s and Congressman O’Halleran’s steadfast efforts in addressing critical community needs throughout Coconino County in the fiscal year 2023 Omnibus Appropriations bill. We are grateful for our delegation’s strong support for the $1.375 million Coconino County Regional Tribal Nations Service Center project that will allow the County to build a facility to house various County services such as job development services, vital records and administrative offices for the Sheriff’s Department that will better serve the tribal nations in the more remote parts of the County. In addition, we are thankful for their leadership in securing $3.3 million in much needed funding for the Fort Tuthill water and sewer replacement in this popular park and $1.184 million for the County’s Emergency Management Enhancements to allow the County to better respond to catastrophic events,” said Coconino County Board Chair Patrice Horstman.  

“The San Carlos Apache Tribe expresses its deepest thanks to Senators Kelly and Sinema for securing direly needed public safety resources for the 1.8-million-acre San Carlos Apache Reservation. The Tribe’s police, tribal courts, and investigators have worked for decades in deplorable conditions despite the federal government’s treaty and trust responsibilities to provide an adequate facility, and the San Carlos Police Department has had to made do for too long on a shoestring budget while putting their lives on the line every day.  The funding for a replacement public safety facility and for police equipment secured by Senators Kelly and Sinema will help protect our police officers and help make sure our public safety personnel and the San Carlos people have the decent public safety facility they deserve,” said Chairman Terry Rambler, San Carlos Apache Tribe.  

“The funding for updated and additional defibrillators for our community will have far-reaching, positive impacts for life-saving measures within our community. I appreciate the hard work of our Congressional delegation to secure these funds for the City of Kingman,” said Kingman Fire Department Chief Jack Yeager.  

“Pima JTED is grateful to Senator Kelly and Senator Sinema for recognizing the importance of Career and Technical Education and our collaborators including the University of Arizona, to expand opportunities and create new innovative pathways for students including Southern Arizona’s first high school geared to health and medical careers. This collective vision and sustainable model will accelerate students’ academic and professional career goals and address the dire staffing shortages in healthcare while providing students with the means to obtain economic mobility that will improve our economy,” said Kathy Prather, Superintendent/CEO of Pima JTED.  

“We are so grateful to Senator Kelly and Senator Sinema for their work to deliver for the City of St. Johns. This new investment to bring better high-speed internet to our city is a big deal for us as we continue to grow our community, attract new businesses, and support families. I have no doubt that this funding will go a long way in improving the lives of folks living in St. Johns for years to come, and we appreciate the senators’ efforts to make this happen!” said St. Johns Mayor Spence Udall.   

“We are very grateful to Senators Kelly and Sinema for their work to secure funding for the Pinal County Final Mile Project that will bring students living in rural areas better high-speed internet. This investment will help all learners in Pinal County get the education they need and deserve to prepare them for the opportunities and career paths that lie ahead,” said Pinal County Supervisor Jeffrey McClure. “We couldn’t have gotten this done without the senators’ support, and we are excited for the impact this project will have on our residents!”   

“I am very grateful on behalf of the citizens of Yavapai county for this appropriation. Upgrading our air asset capabilities will greatly increase public safety particularly helping with Search and rescue operations while allowing us to better meet the resulting demands of our public land use,” said Yavapai Sheriff David Rhodes.  

“Once again, Senator Kelly and Senator Sinema have delivered for Pima County by securing $2.7 million in funding for our One-Stop Center that will be critical in ensuring workforce development to our underserved communities. We applaud the senators’ unwavering support and commitment to our County and are grateful for their support for this project,” Pima County Board Chair Sharon Bronson said.   

 “At Chiricahua Community Health Centers, we deeply believe that living a rural life should not equate to living a shorter life. This funding will enable us to put actions behind our words by funding a state-of-the-art mobile mammography unit that will ensure ALL women in Cochise County will have the opportunity to be regularly screened for breast cancer,” said Dr. Jonathan Melk, CEO of Chiricahua Community Health Centers, Inc. “We are sincerely grateful for the leadership and support of Senator Kelly, Senator Sinema, and Congresswoman Kirkpatrick in making this happen – this community program will save lives!  Viva Chiricahua!” 

“Thank you, Senator Sinema, Senator Kelly and Congresswoman Kirkpatrick, for championing this important community resource,” said Tucson Mayor Regina Romero. “We know that ‘Housing First’ works, and in completing this project will fill a gap in services offered to unsheltered individuals in the Amphi neighborhood. This is an area with a significant number of persons experiencing homelessness, and this Housing First Resource Center will help us better provide services to those who need them.”    

“I want to take the opportunity to thank Senator Kelly and Senator Sinema for their support in seeking this critical funding on behalf of the Town of Payson. It has been a pleasure to work with our Senator to address one of the public safety needs of our local community. The Town of Payson is located in the heart of Arizona, surrounded by the Tonto National Forest. This funding will complete a traffic impact study and the design of a new roadway in our community. Most importantly, it will serve as an additional strategic fire break and a critical evacuation route for members of our community that live in an area facing the greatest threat of wildland fire,” said Payson Mayor Higgins.   

“Cochise County is excited about the federal funding being made available for more flood control on Davis Road. This road has a high percentage of semi-trucks that need access 365 days per year. At this time, we still have two areas that shut the road down during rainy season. We hope to be able to complete at least one of the crossings with this funding. Our Congressional delegation has once more helped Cochise County to be helpful to the trucking industry in delivering goods in a timely manner,” said Ann English, Cochise County Supervisor District 2.   

“The fact that Senator Kelly and Senator Sinema were able to deliver this $2.7 million federal investment to the City of Maricopa for the pedestrian bridge is a testament to his hard work and commitment to our community.  They realize that this critical project will add connectivity to our City that is literally cut in two by the train tracks.  He also understands that this project will ensure greater public safety, especially for our youth that attend Maricopa High School, who are often forced to cross this busy, triple-tracked rail corridor. We are grateful for the Senators’ leadership on this project and look forward to building this important amenity for our community,” stated City of Maricopa Mayor Nancy Smith.  

“We are deeply appreciative of Senator Kelly’s and Senator Sinema’s persistent and hard work to help us fund Ephraim Canyon Stormwater Management project. The County has been inundated with floods for decades and this $2 million appropriation will allow us to begin addressing some of our flooding problems in the County that have severely impacted our residents.  We thank Senators Kelly and Sinema for commitment to this project and support for issues that are important to the County.  We are grateful for their leadership,” said Supervisor Bruce Bracker.  

“Thanks to the funding secured by Senators Kelly and Sinema, we’ll be able to bring our fire station up to current standards by remodeling and expanding our facilities. This will better enable us to serve our community of Summerhaven and the nearly 1.5 million annual visitors who make their way up to enjoy all that Mt. Lemmon has to offer. We appreciate the senators’ ongoing support and efforts in this process, and we are very excited to get started on this much-needed project,” said John Perchorowicz, Chair, Mt Lemmon Fire District Board and Fire Chief Joe Gunia, Mt. Lemmon Fire District

“The funding secured by Senator Kelly, Senator Sinema, and Representative O’Halleran will allow us to fund our response to the damage from the breach of Millet Swale in 2021. This new federal support will help us improve the function of Millet Swale, specifically to minimize the impact of water that drains to and through the Swale. This will benefit communities below Millet Swale, including the Towns of Taylor and Snowflake. We are very grateful for Senator Kelly’s, Senator Sinema’s, and Representative O’Halleran’s advocacy on our behalf,” said the Silver Creek Flood Control District Board. 

“I would like to thank Senator Kelly and Senator Sinema for their support of funding to pipe a portion of the Wellton Canal. This funding will jump start a major piping project that will further protect water delivered for irrigation from contamination, reduce water losses, and improve public safety, among other benefits. Yuma County agriculture provides 90% of our nation’s lettuce and leafy greens during the winter months, and this project will ensure we can continue to deliver safe and abundant food in the most efficient way possible,” added Elston Grubaugh, General Manager, Wellton-Mohawk Irrigation and Drainage District

“On behalf of the good citizens of Cochise County, Cochise County Board of Supervisors and the men and women of the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office, we want to extend our sincere appreciation to Senator Mark Kelly and Senator Kyrsten Sinema for their efforts in securing federal funding for the construction of a new County Jail.  The Cochise County Jail is approaching 40 years old and is well-overdue for replacement.  These funds help off-set costs that would be directly absorbed by our local taxpayers,” said Sheriff Mark Dannels. 

“The City of Show Low extends its sincere appreciation to Senator Kelly and Senator Sinema for their ongoing support of the city’s Woolford Road Reconstruction and Savage Sewer Line projects. Improvements to both pieces of our city’s infrastructure will benefit our residents and community visitors for years to come, and they wouldn’t be possible without the consistent advocacy of our senators in Congress,” said Show Low Mayor John Leech.  

“The leadership of Senator Sinema and Senator Kelly has once again resulted in a benefit for Arizona, very directly for students and businesses who rely on the ASU Polytechnic campus to advance their objectives,” said ASU President Michael Crow. “The passage of the final appropriations bill includes funding that will enable us to begin demolition and environmental remediation in preparation to transition the campus to an Innovation Zone that will attract new employers, create new jobs and is projected to boost the local economy by $1.4 billion annually while contributing to the discovery and development of new technologies.  The Senators continue to deliver for the state of Arizona.”   

Breakdown of successful projects secured by Kelly and Sinema in the Fiscal Year 2023 bipartisan budget legislation:  

Project  Recipient  Location  Amount  
Cochise County Jail  Cochise County Sheriff’s Office  Bisbee, AZ  $2,200,000  
Graham County Sheriff’s Office Public Safety Vehicles  Graham County  Safford, AZ  $140,000  
La Paz Jail Vehicle Replacement  La Paz County Sheriff’s Office  Parker, AZ  $116,000  
Tucson Police Department (TPD) and Tucson Public Safety Communications Department (PSCD) Portable Radios Update  City of Tucson  Tucson, AZ  $1,845,000  
San Carlos Apache Police Department Equipment Modernization  San Carlos Apache Tribe  San Carlos, AZ  $674,000  
Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office Aerial Platform for Sedona & Prescott Communities  Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office  Prescott, AZ  $2,108,000  
Public Safety Communications Equipment  City of Scottsdale  Scottsdale, AZ  $89,000  
Police Department Equipment  Town of Wellton  Wellton, AZ  $44,000  
Bullhead City for New Drinking Water Well Construction Project  Bullhead City  Bullhead City, AZ  $2,000,000  
Town of Carefree for Silver Saddle Pressure Zone Waterline Improvement  
Town of Carefree  Carefree, AZ  $800,000  
City of Page for Water Treatment Plant Expansion Project  City of Page  Page, AZ  $456,000  
City of Douglas for a Supervisory Control  
and Data Acquisition System  
City of Douglas  Douglas, AZ  $833,285  
Hopi Tribe for a Water Infrastructure Improvement Project  Hopi Tribe  Upper Moenkopi Village, AZ  $1,500,000  
Maricopa-Stanfield Irrigation and Drainage  
District for the Santa Rosa Canal  
Maricopa Stanfield Irrigation and Drainage District  Maricopa, AZ  $2,846,076  
City of Page for New Intake Pipes from  
Lake Powell  
City of Page  Page, AZ  $3,432,000  
Mohave County for Grace Neal Channel Stormwater Project  Mohave County  Mohave County, AZ  $1,250,000  
Gila Valley Irrigation District for Highline Canal Nonpoint Source Pollution Control  Gila Valley Irrigation District  Graham County, AZ  $333,000  
City of Show Low for Sewer Line Replacement  City of Show Low  Show Low, AZ  $800,000  
Santa Cruz County for Storm Water Management at Ephraim Canyon  Santa Cruz County  Nogales, AZ  $2,000,000  
Greenlee County for New Model Canal Stormwater Management  Greenlee County  Franklin, AZ  $361,000  
Wellton-Mohawk Irrigation and Drainage District for Wellton Canal Pipeline Project  Wellton-Mohawk Irrigation and Drainage District  Wellton, AZ  $500,000  
Central AZ Irrigation and Drainage District for New Water Conveyance System to Enable Nonpoint Source Pollution Control  Central AZ Irrigation and Drainage District  Eloy, AZ  $934,000  
Silver Creek Flood Control District for Millet Swale Stormwater Management Project  Silver Creek Flood Control District  Taylor, AZ  $2,224,350  
City of Chandler for a Reclaimed Water Interconnect Facility  City of Chandler  Chandler, AZ  $3,000,000  
U.S. Arid Land Agricultural Research Center  U.S. Arid Land Agricultural Research Center  Maricopa, AZ  $1,478,000  
Agricultural Research Service Facility Upgrades  Agricultural Research Service- Tucson  Tucson, AZ  $698,000  
Michaelson Building Incubator Workforce Development Project  City of Globe  Globe, AZ  $750,000  
Mt. Lemmon Fire District Station Remodel and Expansion  Mt. Lemmon Fire District  Mt. Lemmon, AZ  $1,673,194  
Little Colorado River Irrigation Efficiency and Conservation Project  Foundation for Little Colorado Revitalization  Springerville, AZ  $2,069,000  
Tubac Fire District Fire Station  Tubac Fire District  Tubac, AZ  $2,000,000  
City of Douglas New Water Well  City of Douglas  Douglas, AZ  $2,175,000  
Fort Tuthill Water-Sewer Replacement Coconino County  Coconino County, AZ  $3,300,000  
Cave Buttes Dam, AZ: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers  Flood Control District of Maricopa County  Cave Creek, AZ  $200,000  
Tres Rios, AZ (General Reevaluation Report)  City of Phoenix  Phoenix, AZ  $500,000  
Coconino County Digital Transformation Initiative  Coconino County  Flagstaff, AZ  $1,000,000  
Dine College Technology Center  Dine College  Tsaile, AZ  $1,075,000  
Mesa Entrepreneurship Co-Lab  Chicanos Por La Causa, Inc.  Mesa, AZ  $704,000  
Coconino County Emergency Management Enhancements  Coconino County  Flagstaff, AZ  $1,184,000  
Mobile MRI for Cochise County  Benson Hospital  Benson, AZ  $2,250,000  
Rural Mobile Mammography Unit   Chiricahua Community Health Centers, Inc.  Douglas, AZ  $984,000  
City of Kingman Automated External Defibrillators   City of Kingman  Kingman, AZ  $171,000  
Northwest Valley Multigenerational Community Resource Center   City of Surprise  Surprise, AZ  $1,000,000  
Copper Canyon Fire District Ambulance   Copper Canyon Fire and Medical District  Camp Verde, AZ  $212,000  
Colorado City Training Center   Creek Valley Health Clinic  Colorado City, AZ  $930,000  
Highlands Fire District Medical Equipment    Highlands Fire District  Flagstaff, AZ  $158,000  
Tuba City Domestic Violence Shelter   Navajo Nation  Tuba City, AZ  $4,172,000  
Northern Arizona Healthcare Wound Care Center  Northern AZ Healthcare  Flagstaff, AZ  $5,600,000  
Pima JTED Medical Careers High School  Pima County JTED #11  Tucson, AZ  $3,000,000  
Arizona Western College Electrical Technician Workforce Development   AZ Western College  Yuma, AZ  $1,000,000.00  
Arizona Western College Veteran Workforce Development   AZ Western College  Yuma, AZ  $1,724,000  
Maricopa Community College District Biomedical Technician Program   Maricopa Community College District  Phoenix, AZ  $1,815,000  
Pima Community College Center of Excellence in Applied Technology   Pima Community College  Tucson, AZ  $1,232,000  
Morris Air National Guard Base Main Gate Construction  Morris Air National Guard Base  Tucson, AZ  $12,000,000  
Luke Air Force Base Child Development Center   Luke AFB  Glendale, AZ  $2,700,000  
MCAS Yuma Water Treatment Plant  MCAS Yuma  Yuma, AZ  $5,000,000  
Cornville Road and Tissaw Road Roundabout Intersection Improvements  Yavapai County  Cornville, AZ  $2,533,000  
San Luis Cesar Chavez Boulevard Design  City of San Luis  San Luis, AZ  $1,200,000  
Soap Box Canyon Bridge Replacement  Greenlee County  Greenlee County, AZ  $288,000  
State Route 89A Design Concept Report and Environmental Overview  Yavapai Metropolitan Planning Organization (CYMPO)  Prescott, AZ  $480,000  
Centennial Boulevard and Pinal Avenue (Stale Route 387) Intersection and Traffic Signal Improvements  City of Casa Grande  Casa Grande, AZ  $938,000  
City of Show Low-Woolford Road Reconstruction  City of Show Low  Show Low, AZ  $1,269,000  
Payson Wildfire Evacuation Route  Town of Payson  Payson, AZ  $300,000  
Cochise County-Davis Road Rehabilitation  Cochise County  McNeal, AZ  $2,893,000  
Tolleson Pedestrian and Bridge System  City of Tolleson  Tolleson, AZ  $3,500,000  
City of Maricopa Railroad Pedestrian Bridge/Crossing  City of Maricopa  Maricopa, AZ  $2,700,000  
Community Broadband Project  City of St Johns  St. Johns, AZ  $1,913,000  
Yuma Downtown Redevelopment  City of Yuma  Yuma, AZ  $2,500,000  
Phoenix Semiconductor Fires Response Station  City of Phoenix  Phoenix, AZ  $5,000,000  
Pinal County Broadband Final Mile Project  Pinal County  Pinal County, AZ  $2,000,000  
San Carlos Apache Tribe Public Safety Facility  San Carlos Apache Tribe  San Carlos, AZ  $3,000,000  
Crown King Fire District-Fire Station Replacement  Crown King Fire District  Crown King, AZ  $900,000  
Glendale Community Centers Broadband Service Expansion  City of Glendale  Glendale, AZ  $1,339,000  
Pima County Collaborative One-Stop Center at Pima Community College  Pima Community College  Tucson, AZ  $2,700,000  
Housing first Resource Center at Amphi  City of Tucson  Tucson, AZ  $957,000  
ASU Polytechnic Campus-Innovation Zone   Arizona State University  Mesa, AZ  $3,000,000