ICYMI: Kelly Pens Wall Street Journal Op-Ed Urging U.S. Maritime Industry Revitalization

This week, Arizona Senator Mark Kelly published an editorial opinion in the Wall Street Journal alongside Florida Republican Representative Mike Waltz on the importance of prioritizing the nation’s maritime industry to stay ahead of China and boost the U.S. economy. 

“China has become the world’s top shipbuilder. It controls one of the world’s largest shipping companies and boasts the largest navy. It has built these capabilities with the help of massive state subsidies,” the lawmakers state

They continue, “The U.S. doesn’t subsidize commercial shipbuilders. Partially as a result, the U.S. lost 300 shipyards between 1983 and 2013. Today, only 20 U.S. shipyards can produce oceangoing vessels.” 

In early May, Kelly and Waltz released their Congressional Guidance for a National Maritime Strategy, a bipartisan report that provides a comprehensive vision for planning guidance, strategic objectives, and actionable steps to revitalize the nation’s maritime sector. In their opinion piece, they call for a change in course and for Congress and the president to adopt this strategy. 

“Our framework proposes investment across the maritime sector to rebuild America’s ability to create and sustain a merchant fleet and industry,” they explain about their bipartisan maritime guidance. “It offers proposals that will strengthen the U.S.-flagged international shipping fleet, domestic shipbuilding, and our maritime workforce. It also encourages private sector investments and streamlines burdensome regulations.” 

“China’s threat over the oceans and how we respond to it will shape our economic and national security for decades. As former service members, we know that the oceans ensure our path to prosperity and security, today no less than a century ago,” Kelly and Waltz conclude

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