FY25 NDAA & Appropriations Requests

Senator Kelly’s office invites Arizonans and organizations based in Arizona to submit requests for policies or funding to be included in the fiscal year 2025 National Defense Authorization Act or fiscal year 2025 appropriations bills, including both programmatic requests and requests for Congressionally Directed Spending. Please note that submitting a request to Senator Kelly’s office does not guarantee that your request will be submitted to the relevant committee by Senator Kelly, nor does it guarantee that your request will be included in final legislation. 

Note: This page will be updated as forms and additional guidance from the relevant committees become available. If you do not see the information you are looking for, feel free to check back often.

The forms to be used to submit requests, along with the relevant deadlines, are included below.

FY25 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) Request Form:

If you wish to submit one or more requests to be considered by Senator Kelly’s office for inclusion in the FY25 National Defense Authorization Act, please use this form.  

FY25 Programmatic Appropriations Request Form:

If you wish to submit one or more requests for funding or for directive report language or bill language related to a specific federal program in the FY25 appropriations bills, please use this form. An example of an appropriations committee report can be found HERE. Please note that requests made for specific projects in Arizona that are not funded through regular appropriations, also known as Congressionally Directed Spending, have a separate form and should not be submitted using this form. 

FY25 Congressionally Directed Spending Appropriations Request Form: 

Local Arizona governments, federally qualified health centers, universities, community colleges and other state-based organizations are invited to submit funding requests for a specific project in Arizona that is not funded through regular appropriations. Examples of CDS requests submitted by Senator Kelly in prior years can be found HERE. Please use this form to submit a Congressionally Directed Spending request:   

For more information on the Congressionally Directed Spending process, Senator Kelly’s office has developed the following resources: