Senator Kelly Statement on Construction to Permanently Close Morelos Dam Gaps at the Arizona-Mexico Border

Since December 2021, Kelly pushed the Biden administration to close the border barrier gaps in Yuma that posed security and operational challenges for Border Patrol

Today, Arizona Senator Mark Kelly issued the following statement as Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has started construction to permanently close four border barrier gaps near Morelos Dam in Yuma. For over a year, Kelly pushed the Biden administration to close these gaps which posed security and operational challenges for Border Patrol.

“When I sit down with law enforcement and leaders from Arizona’s border communities, I often hear about the federal government’s failure to tackle the ongoing security and humanitarian crisis at the border. The City of Yuma and Border Patrol agents expressed the challenges the barrier gaps presented as they worked around the clock to secure the border and keep communities safe. It’s why I’m glad that our calls to close these border barrier gaps in Yuma have been heard and construction has finally started. I’ll keep working to ensure that construction is completed quickly,” said Senator Mark Kelly. 

Last week, Kelly, along with a bipartisan delegation of Senators, toured the site of the gaps near Morelos Dam to further examine potential solutions that can better secure the southern border and fix the immigration system. Since taking office, Kelly has continued to deliver resources to border communities and law enforcement responding to the border crisis. Last year, Kelly worked to secure critical federal funds to improve border security, keep Arizona communities safe, and provide additional support for community organizations assisting with the humanitarian response.